How to watch Super Bowl LI in Canada


  • HiKsFiles

    Hey thanks for the quick answer! 🙂

  • KiwiBri

    OTA broadcast!

  • Word

    So the CTV or TSN Go app for Xbox One will allow me to watch the game for free if I don’t have a cable subscription?

  • Andrew Robson

    So basically, “To watch the Superbowl, you need some sort of tv subscription.”

    • Omis

      May also require a television. I have to check the fine print.

    • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

      Or with an OTA antenna, or with a subscription to NFL GamePass (which doesn’t require cable/sat subscription).

  • Marc Palumbo

    I’ll just watch the game with pure hatred for the Patriots

    • neo905

      Must have been a tough game to watch for you then.

      Brady is the GOAT.

    • Marc Palumbo

      It was tough. But at 25 points, the Falcons shouldn’t have let it happen either. Even if you’re playing against the best, the Falcons were awful 2nd half

    • neo905

      That’s what all time great athletes do. I am not a Lebron fan but I had to respect his comeback against the Warriors last year down 3-1. Yes it was a choke but it was also greatness in play.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Then how do we explain how bad Tom Brady was last year’s AFC Championship against Denver? He was annihilated. In football, a team is as good as their weakest link, and last night, Atlanta’s defense was awful in the 2nd half. I bet Falcons players thought they had the Lombardi trophy in the bag at halftime.

    • neo905

      How do you explain Lebron choking in the 2011 NBA finals? Shite happens. Doesn’t take away from his greatness. John Elway has gotten absolutely embarrassed in Super Bowls. He is still considered great. It took Michael Jordan years to finally get past the Pistons. Joe Montana won all four Super Bowls he was in but lost a lot of Qtr final games. Peyton Manning has an awful playoff record. You can’t just cherry pick here. All the great ones have humbling moments. It’s about how they redeem themselves. Every great I mentioned did this. That is part of what makes them great. That is also what makes Brady great. Dude is 39 years old. Other than Jack Nicklaus winning a Major in the 40’s Brady is in rare company.

      Atlanta choked but Brady went out and took it. Dude threw for 466 yards.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Oh I’m not taking it away from him. Especially that Brady lost 2 SB games. Which is why I also blame Atlanta for this loss. Too many useless sacks taken. If Atlanta wouldn’t have lost so many yards, they could have kicked a field goal.

      These debates can go on forever, but the Falcons could have beaten Brady. Brady gave the Patriots a chance at a difficult possibility that most quarterbacks would never be able to put up. Falcons choked as much as Brady did well.

    • neo905

      I agree with that. Great players and great coaches can give the opposing players and coaches the yips though. Atlanta was being to cute and overthinking things trying to out coach Belechik. Pete Carolle did the same thing in the last Super Bowl by not running the ball. Falcons are going to have a hard time recovering from this. The Panthers didn’t even make the playoffs this year and their Super Bowl loss wasn’t this bad.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Yep. And the Falcons stand to lost most of their coaching staff for sure.