Ocean Shadow and Winter Forces Xbox One controllers are coming to Canada on February 7th

Xbox One Ocean Shadow and Winter Forces controllers

It was just earlier this month that Microsoft announced two new Xbox One controller colours. Seemingly not content with its already extensive lineup of gamepads, the company has announced two new additions to the Xbox One family of controllers.

On February 7th, Canadians will be able to add the Ocean Shadow and Winter Forces gamepads to their collection of controllers. The former features a matte black finish that fades to light metallic blue. The latter, meanwhile, is perfect for Canada with its arctic camo. A number of major retailers across the country, including Best Buy, EB Games, The Source and Amazon will carry the two gamepads.

Both controllers have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price priced at $79.99 CAD, $5 more than the $74.99 MSRP of currently available Xbox One controllers. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced it will raise the price of its Xbox Live subscription service to $70 in Canada.