Here are a few tech deals from Amazon Canada


  • TomsDisqusted

    Please don’t go the direction of Android Police – where way too many of their posts are effectively ads pushing affiliate links.

    Or disclose it clearly and invite people to support you as many sites do. I’m not suggesting that a tech site should be held to the standards of a general news site, but it’s still nice to see.

    • When it’s a slow news day, they need to fill the quota.
      And they need to pay salaries with affiliates revenue.

    • Tan Toun


      i guess you are right, however i dont see the harm, the website needs revenue after all, and the deals are not too bad as well.

    • V Zaporozhets

      “effectively ads pushing affiliate links” – They need to eat too. You aren’t expecting them to work for free, are you?

    • TomsDisqusted

      Of course not, and I only use ad blocker on a few sites that I think go too far.

      My issue is with AP where it seems like half of the posts recently have been this type, and my suggestion about disclosure is the opposite of suggesting they stop.

    • V Zaporozhets

      “Here are a few tech deals from Amazon Canada” – seems like the title obviously discloses that what you will see is links to deals. Which part of the title made you suspect otherwise?

    • TomsDisqusted

      I said affiliate links, which is the critical distinction. That you missed that rather makes my point – when sites disclose that they are also helping educate their readers and if there is anything that the recent election down south showed, it is that people need to be more savvy in how they get info from the Internet. (I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a site using them – just that readers should understand what is going on.)

    • V Zaporozhets

      What difference does it make to you if links are affiliate or not? You are still getting same deal. IMHO, when I look at a deal, the only thing that matters to me if it’s actually a deal or not. Are you saying that affiliate links makes those deals not as good as direct links? Or are you suggesting that they are not truthfull that those are deals?

      “recent election down south showed, it is that people need to be more savvy in how they get info from the Internet” – You sound like a savvy person. Where do you get your information from?

    • TomsDisqusted

      We weren’t talking about whether they were good deals.

      ?? fake and low quality news, and the problem of people falling for them has been one of the biggest stories in the media (and meta media) in last few months. Now you’re just playing games. bye.

    • V Zaporozhets

      Fake news are scary and they are all around, including under bad and closet. But not to worry, I heard hiding under blnket and wearing tin foil helps to hide from fake news.
      Jokes aside, I haven’t seen any so called fake news that were proven to be fake. Perhaps the news about fake news are fake?
      Looks like you have nothing to substantiate your opinions and even your opinions are not clear themselves. buy.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    These prices (as posted in this article) are not matching up when I click on the links.

    E.g. aukey portable charger is listed here for 22.39 but listed at amazon for 39.99

    Pictek wireless charger listed here as 15.99 but listed at amazon for 19.99

    Disappointing article with misinformation.

    • V Zaporozhets

      It matches for me. HEre is what I get for aukey:

      Lightning Deal
      CDN$ 22.39 (Save 44%)
      38% Claimed
      Ends in 13h 42m 31s
      Quantity: 1

  • The lats power bank I bought from Amazon was a Limefuel. It was terrible! The USB ported fell out.
    How does the AU key compare with Limefuel?

    • Graham Fluet

      I got some Aukey tech and they all work fine

  • PΞTΞЯ™

    I own the Aukey Power bank and absolutely love it. It’s well built but it’s a monster device. Very massive and heavy but a superb product!

  • Fodder0f4

    I have two Aukey chargers and they work really well. One of them was actually a warranty replacement. The original was fried by a bad charger, and Aukey repalced it, no questions asked. Best customer service yet.

  • vn33

    I actually don’t mind these “tech deals” articles at all. If I’m not interested, then I won’t click on the article. If something catches my eyes, and if I buy it because what I think is a good deal, then MS makes some income from the affiliated link.

    • KiwiBri


  • Jonah Emery

    Awesome, was looking for a deal on the Aukey portable charger. This is it. Going to be so useful when on the road!

    • KiwiBri

      Deals are done. Back to full price

    • KiwiBri

      Yeah, I grabbed one too based on the feedback here and online and also that charging pad.

    • Jonah Emery

      Just got mine yesterday. Pretty slick!

  • Do Do

    I don’t know wtf happened, I clicked to buy an item and it said I was on some sort of waiting list. Then nothing, now it’s regular price. I don’t know why all the nonsense, I guess they didn’t want my money.