Videotron’s Unlimited Music service adds SoundCloud to its catalogue

Videotron’s Unlimited Music service has announced that it’s expanding on its selection of supported apps by adding SoundCloud to its service.

SoundCloud currently hosts more than 175 million unique listeners every month, as well as a subscription service called SoundCloud Go which recently launched in Canada.

This announcement comes shortly after Videotron brought Apple Music onto the platform to join 18 other music streaming services already supported by Unlimited Music.

Currently, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Stingray, 8tracks, Groove, Slacker2, Jazz Radio, Digitally Imported, Jango, Bandcamp, Rock Radio, RadioTunes, Analekta, Tidal and Napster, are all supported by Videotron’s Unlimited Music Service.

The vice president of marketing at Videotron, Bertrand Hébert, stated that at the end of the day, the winners are “music lovers of all varieties.”

“We are pleased to see that industry players are interested in the Unlimited Music model and ready to help democratize music streaming. At the end of the day, the winners are music-lovers of all varieties. With Unlimited Music, they can get the most out of their favourite music apps without worrying about data usage: a top-notch entertainment experience plus peace of mind,” said Hébert in a statement.

Unlimited Music is currently available across Videotron’s LTE network. The service launched in 2015 and came under fire during CRTC hearing which took place this past October.