State Farm survey reveals 40 percent of Canadians admit to texting while walking

It can be hard to resist, but texting while walking poses some serious threats to your wellbeing, especially when coupled with the earlier dusk that comes with daylight savings hours and other dangerous habits like jaywalking.

Insurance providers State Farm has released some information based on a survey of 3,000 driving-age Canadians held in March 2016 that reveals four in ten respondents stated they text while walking. Meanwhile, 45 percent said they use headphones while walking and 70 percent admit to jaywalking. Put together, it’s a good indication that many Canadians aren’t fully aware of their surroundings while taking a stroll.


In its report, State Farm also notes the fact that research published by The Globe and Mail shows a pedestrian is hit in Toronto every four hours and someone dies every ten days.

“Pedestrian injuries and deaths are preventable and both drivers and pedestrians have a role to play in ensuring safety,” commented John Bordignon, media relations specialist at State Farm Canada.

“Research and experience tells us that roads are more dangerous in the days after the clocks change. Having drivers and pedestrians being patient, focused and obeying the rules of the road are essential in making sure that you and others around you get to your destinations safely.”

[source]State Farm[/source]