Google is ‘evaluating’ the idea of bringing Pixel’s fingerprint scanner gesture to the Nexus 6P and 5X


  • p_lindsay

    It’s a pretty good feature actually for big screened phones. Much easier than reaching to the top of the screen with your thumb.

  • neo905

    I honestly don’t care about this feature. What they need to bring back is night mode. That is far more useful.

  • gommer strike

    So it’s confirmed that the fingerprint scanner hardware within is indeed exactly the same stuff?

    So what then, is the point of differentiation between the Pixel and the 6P(outside of the camera and hardware specs), if Google was to relent, and port over all the marquee features of the Pixel to the 5X/6P?

    What about Google Assistant? Is that not also something easily ported over? Give an inch, take a mile, Google. Make up your mind.