Best Buy and Google to open 14 Google Shops across Canada


  • The Iceman Cometh

    And what about Google Home? Is that arriving here too or are we going to get the shaft like Amazon did with Echo?

    • gremlin0007

      I think they said 2017 for Canada…

    • The Iceman Cometh

      Okay. Thanks

  • Liquid5n0w

    Uh, no list of the stores or a link to a page that lists them?
    I can’t even find a list with a quick Google search.

    • sprung

      you can reach out to Best Buy directly for the list of stores:
      For further information: Media contact: Christine Tam, Manager,
      External Communications, Best Buy Canada,,

    • sky417

      Is this confidential information or something? Why couldn’t you just post it here?

    • nekkidtruth

      Or the person writing this article could have just as easily contacted the above and requested this information in order to provide it to their readers. You know, this being a news reporting site and all.

    • PeterDTown

      “Reporters” are exceedingly lazy these days. Find an article somewhere, copy and paste it to your own website. Done. Good luck getting them to so much as pick up a phone to get more details. Ugh.

    • nekkidtruth

      And the thing is, even though I know they just want to be the first to report, I’d be perfectly OK with a line at the bottom of the article that states they’re trying to get in contact with Best Buy and will update the article as soon as more information is available.

    • John W

      I agree, i looked at Bestbuys site and couldn’t find it either. Perhaps their plan is to get me into my local store to see if its one, but it has become such a mess in there i don’t want to go near it.

    • selonmoi

      Crazy. They’re open *today*…but where?

    • Claude Gohier

      “Today, 10 small Google shops will begin opening…”

      Maybe only one for now.

  • hunkyleepickle

    Will they actually be selling devices at these ‘shops’? It would be great to be able to walk in and buy an unlocked premium device, in a brick and mortar store, without all the hoops needed to jump thru to get one now. Given that it’s best buy…..I’m sort of skeptical.

    • grantdude

      Really? You think Best Buy is gonna have the space in the store to showcase the products, but if you wanna buy one they tell you to go get it online?

    • hunkyleepickle

      No but I do think they will just direct you to the carriers kiosk, where you can sign a new contract and get a subsidized phone instead. The Best buy Samsung stores don’t sell unlocked, nor do the Apple kiosks, so my suspicion is not completely baseless.

    • Liquid5n0w

      Yeah I suspect that is exactly what this would be, just a tablet in their mobile section with the phones and a guy there sometimes.

    • grantdude

      Ohhhh. That makes sense.

    • PeterDTown

      Why wouldn’t they do this? It’s already what they do with the vast majority of what they sell. The last FIVE TIMES I went into a Best Buy their inventory levels were anemic and they told me to order online. I have started ordering online, just not from them.

    • freddyba

      I have had the exact same experience! And this is with items in their weekly sale flyer!

  • Brad Fortin

    From the press release:

    “Best Buy Canada announced Thursday a new collaboration with Google Canada, the first of its kind in North America that will bring 14 Google shops to their newly renovated “Experience Stores” by the end of 2016.”

    You’d think Best Buy would remember that they’ve had a similar deal with Apple for almost a decade.

    • ComebackKid777

      And with Microsoft.
      Not sure how this is “innovative”.

    • John W

      Agreed, glad to see google doing it, but its certainly not new.

    • Liquid5n0w

      I guess it’s first of it’s kind of a direct from Google product? Does seem a bit dishonest.

    • selonmoi

      By “of its kind”, I think they’re referring specifically to the fact that it’s a Google shop. Poor wording, I agree, but I think the brag is not that hosting a brand store is a new Best Buy innovation, it’s that the first brand store for Google is being hosted by Best Buy Canada.

    • Salinger

      Makes perfect sense to me as written. “…a new collaboration with Google Canada, the first of its kind in North America”.

      I think it’s entirely logical and common sense to interpret that as Google having no such collaborations in the US or elsewhere in NA. Not that Best Buy doesn’t have similar collaboration with Apple or other companies.

    • beefmoretti

      Brad just gets butt hurt when Apple is, in any way, intentionally or unintentionally, slighted even a tiny little bit.

    • Brad Fortin

      From the looks of these comments I’m not the only one who thinks they could have used better wording.

  • Me Ted

    Will Pixel users also be able to bring in their devices for repair? If so that should help to quell the complaining over the price points on the new Pixel devices. Unlimited photo storage, 24/7 support, a physical location to serve you and more, definitely justifies the elevated prices then.

    • selonmoi

      Google’s existing device support is far, far superior to anything you’d get in store.

      One phone call (or chat), then they send you a new device. You send the old one back when you’re done switching over.

      Hopefully they don’t change a thing with the Pixel.

    • PeterDTown

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had the absolute best customer service when I’ve bought directly from Google. Support and replacements have been second to none.

    • What do you need to tell them to get a new device? Do you need to have a catastrophic failure or will they send you one for more minor issues?

      With my N5 I had extremely loose/wobbly volume keys but anything I read on XDA made it seem as though the replacement process would be a huge pain so I just lived with it .

    • selonmoi

      I’m not sure what they would have done about something subjective like the feel of volume keys, but I had no trouble getting two replacements for issues that many OEMs would have considered minor, and another that was more significant. Based on my experience, I think you’d have had a better chance with Google than with any other OEM except perhaps for Apple.

      I got a replacement for my Nexus 7 2013 when the screen developed a couple of bright pixels. The pixels weren’t dead, they just were too bright compared to the others. So, a solid background, for instance, would be punctuated by a couple of bright or white spots. In this case, two or three pixels, clustered together, were affected. Most OEMs have warranty policies requiring a greater number of pixels to be defective.

      I also got a Nexus 4 replaced for a GPS problem that could be considered minor, too. It basically worked: Maps knew where I was and navigation was fine. But Ingres was jumpy, and when I started using My Tracks, I got maps with super jaggy lines, indicating significant inaccuracy and variance between readings. I shared one of my maps with support, and they agreed that the GPS wasn’t right and sent a replacement.

      The GPS on the replacement was fine at first, but after some months, it just totally failed, never getting a fix. And again, I got a replacement.

    • Cool.

      I’m guessing none of these were second hand devices, they were all bought on the Google store by you?

      I’m also curious about that process since I think it’s one of the big factors with Apple’s resale value.

    • selonmoi

      That’s right. I’ve read that people haven’t had any problems with second-hand devices either, as long as the original owner asks Google to transfer the warranty.

      I’ve never kept a Nexus device for less than a year, so I’ve never had to do that. 🙂

    • Awesome, thanks for the info.

      The Apple after purchase support system is a known quantity to many people. i think Google should do more to publicize how their system works. With the price of the Pixel matching the iPhone, it’s now become a huge sticking point for me (where in the past I would have been fine if the support was no better than the poor support I got from HTC or Samsung since the price of Nexus devices were so low).

      Especially giving info on edge cases like “What happens when I buy a 3 month old Pixel of my coworker”. A big part of Apple’s resale value comes from people knowing they can buy an iPhone off their cousin or on Kijiji and have the full protection that you’d get with a new device. If Google let people know that the case was the same with Pixel devices (to the point were it was common knowledge) the aftermarket value would get a huge bump.

    • Stephen B Morris

      I RMA’d my Nexus 6 because of screen burn in. Absolutely no problem getting it done. Same thing a couple years ago with my wife’s Nexus 4. Google is better than most other manufacturers in this regard.

    • What was the process like? Was there a lot of back and forth.

    • Stephen B Morris

      No. It was pretty quick and I got the phone in 2 days. Refurbished mind you but that couldn’t be helped. They email you a link and you “buy” the phone again. You also get RMA shipping labels. They don’t charge your card unless you don’t send the broken phone back.

  • Chris G

    Here are the locations

    o Bramalea City Centre, 25 Peel Centre Dr, Unit 451, Brampton, ON, L6T 3R5
    o 810 St. James St, Unit A, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 3J7
    o 420 Vansickle Rd, Bldg L, Unit 1, St. Catharines, ON, L2S 0C7
    o 17539 Stony Plain Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, T5S 2S1
    o 1701 Merivale Rd., Nepean, ON, K2G 3K2
    o 2500 Winston Park Dr., Unit A, Oakville, ON, L6H 7E5
    o 167 North Queen St., Etobicoke, ON, M9C 1A7
    o 2929 Barnet Hwy., Unit 2140, Coquitlam, BC, V3B 5R5
    o Central City, 10153 King George Highway, Unit 3200, Surrey, BC, V3T 2W1
    o 6200 McKay Ave., Unit 200, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4L7

    • Mr_Smoosh

      Thanks. Thought it would’ve been an obvious thing to mention in the article though.

    • nekkidtruth

      Seriously. Extremely poor article when you don’t even include the locations.

      Have to say, I’m disappointed London, On isn’t in this list!

    • John W

      The hero we deserve!

    • selonmoi

      Upvote for getting the list. Thanks for finding it!
      If I could downvote the locations themselves, I would. Etobicoke? Surrey? Oakville? St. Catherines?

    • PeterDTown

      My guess is that they started with the smaller locations because the bigger ones (listed as the 4 coming later this year) probably require more work to get prepared.

    • ShaunOfTheLive

      Etobicoke is perfect for me! I’m a 5-10 minute drive away

    • Brett Allard

      I can confirm the winnipeg st James location being opened today.

    • Pigs Can Fly

      “o 6200 McKay Ave., Unit 200, Burnaby, BC, V5H 4L7”

      The Crystal Mall?

    • Chris G

      Across the street from the Metropolis at Metrotown

    • Zee

      It is located at Station Square, next to the bus loop.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Wish we were getting one here in Calgary.Odd to see Edmonton get one instead.

  • PeterDTown

    So… you list in your article where the 4 additional shops will be, but not where the first 10 are? Don’t you think that’s kind of an important detail?

  • Garrett Cooper

    No Calgary?

  • none in Toronto? Where is the love?

    • Salinger

      Same thought here. The Etobicoke location is almost in Mississauga. I rely on the TTC and that’s over an hour away for me from downtown. In other words, I won’t be experiencing the Google experience in-person anytime soon. 🙂

    • I am in the same boat lol or bus. Etobicoke is way out of my range

    • It’s west of 427 so doesn’t that technically make it Mississauga?

    • ShaunOfTheLive

      No, the border is the Etobicoke Creek/Mill Rd, not the 427. The Sherway Gardens mall, the Markland Woods neighbourhood, and Centennial park are nicely nestled between Etobicoke Creek and the 427.

    • AJ

      These locations are strange, one in Etobicoke, then Oakville, Mississauga will have one (most probably Sq 1) and then one in Brampton! What happened to Toronto and everything north & east?
      All 4 are located around me so not really complaining but the selection is odd for sure.

      But again, it makes any sense to me only if they sell and accept returns for things bought from Google online store.

    • I think one of the 4 large location will be Toronto. Likely Yorkdale or Eatons.

      Just kinda surprised they didn’t start there

    • AJ

      Afraid not bcoz the article mentions, “Four larger Google Shops will open later in the year at Best Buy stores in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Mississauga.”

      I mentioned in my post that the Mississauga one will probably be in Sq 1 but just realized that there’s no Best Buy (full) store in Sq 1, its only Best Buy Mobile.

    • I was assuming Toronto. I read it a still had hope. I guess Toronto isn’t a Google loving place

    • Trotsky

      At least be glab there’s one in your province. There’s absolutely no love for Quebec here! We’ve been skipped for the first 14 shops!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Wow, no love for QC

    • Dan

      Montreal is the 2nd largest city in the entire country… but I guess even Google Translate couldn’t cope with the language laws here :-p

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Either that or the fact that they will actually need to produce French material for potential customers. they might not be able to provide the staff with training in French

  • gommer strike

    The good: We have Google stores!
    The bad: They’re inside Best Buy.

    OH – they sell Pixel phones off-contract, right? RIGHT?

  • clee666

    None in Montréal 🙁

  • Graham Neill

    Nice to see that Best Buy is teaching Google that Atlantic Canada is only a figment of the imagination.

  • KiwiBri

    Damn. Closest one is in Brampton. (and that’s not really close to me). Not risking driving out there.

  • Alain Lafond

    Seems that Google is thinking that Canada is Ontario…

  • Lil’ Cwyin’ PC ChinBoi

    Hey! Uncky Pwessed! This might just get you off welfare…

  • MoYeung

    I visited one early. One girl working at a kiosk with 2 long tables, displaying 5 smartphones and a chromebook?

    • Art Carlson

      Are they selling unlocked Pixels?

    • MoYeung

      No. You buy from best buy mobile only.

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  • Art Carlson

    So are they selling unlocked Pixels on site?

    • FprimaG

      They don’t seem to be. I went to the Oakville store and the pricing was all for contract phones.

  • canucks4life

    So all these locations have live Pixel demo units to play around with? Might checkout the Burnaby store.

  • o4komodo

    No love for Quebec again. Typical.

    All this ‘google store’ means nothing to me without Google Fibe. 🙁

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  • aninim

    Does anyone knows if Pixel is now available sim freeunlocked? (The Google part of the shop…)