Google debuts new central blog called The Keyword

Google's Mountain View Office

Google is on a tear when it comes to rebranding. After changing the name of its business services cloud from ‘Google for Work’ to ‘Google Cloud’ and ‘Google Apps for Work’ to ‘G Suite,’ the company has now changed its Official Google Blog to The Keyword.

The company news source can be found at blog.google and aggregates all the content it publishes from across 19 blogs into one place — ranging from posts on Street View images to reducing energy use in its data centers.

In a post welcoming readers to the new publication, editor-in-chief Emily Wood states that Google’s first post on the Official Google Blog was published more than 12 years ago, “before Chrome, before Android, before YouTube.”

Since then, thousands of posts have been published across its large family of blogs.

The aim with The Keyword, says Wood, is to create a blog that will grow and change with the company.

“So as we introduce new products and technologies they can find a home here,” writes Wood, adding, “It will also guide you to the big news of the week while leaving room for smaller, fun updates from that afternoon.”

As for the new name, The Keyword is a nod to the origins of search, and thus the origins of Google.

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