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Best Buy lists Pebble 2 pre-orders with October 15th release date

Pebble’s upcoming lowest-end smartwatch, the Pebble 2, has popped up on for pre-order on Best Buy with a October 15th release date at $169 CAD.

It’s unclear if this is the smartwatch’s official release date, but given Pebble has previously revealed the Pebble 2 will launch in late October to early November, followed by the Pebble Time 2, this release date makes sense.

The Pebble 2 is an upgraded version of the original Pebble. The wearable features a monochrome 1.26-inch 144 x 168 e-ink display, the ability to work with iOS and Android, and a new built-in heart rate monitor.

Along with the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, the wearable company also has plans to release a standalone fitness tracker called the Pebble Core.

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