The OnePlus 3’s latest update fixes a number of camera and Bluetooth issues

OnePlus 3

OnePlus has just dropped the latest update for Oxygen OS on the OnePlus 3. Now on version 3.2.6, the over the air update adds a number of small improvements and bug fixes.

Most notably, camera image quality should be improved post update; OnePlus says it has tweaked the camera’s white balance. Also on the camera front, 1080p video recording has been improved in an unspecified way.

Battery consumption when scrolling is also improved post update, and there’s a new switch for Doze Mode switch in the developer options. Both additions should help with battery life in day-to-day use.

OnePlus note it has resolved Bluetooth connection issues some users have had with their vehicles.

You can see the full list of changes on the OnePlus website. One thing missing from the update is Android Nougat. OnePlus has not said when Google’s latest operating system will make its way to the OP3.

Like past updates the company has released, Oxygen OS 3.2.6 is gradually rolling out to users. Once it is available to download, it’s only 42MB.