Sony’s new, smaller PlayStation 4 Slim and revamped accessories are available in Canada now

Sony’s smaller PlayStation 4 Slim, along with the redesigned DualShock 4, PlayStation Camera and Platinum Wireless Headset, are all now available in Canada.

The redesigned PlayStation 4 adopts a smaller, more rounded form factor than its predecessor, and is set to retail for $379 CAD in Canada. The console was officially revealed alongside the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro at a press event in New York last week, though the redesigned console was hardly a surprise to most people.

For weeks leaks popped up on the internet showing off Sony’s redesigned PlayStaiton 4 Slim, with some publications even managing to purchase the console ahead of its release on the gray market. The new 4K video and gaming capable PlayStation 4 will launch on November 10th for $499.

The Platinum Wireless headset is priced at $200, with the PlayStation Camera coming in at $75 and finally, the new DualShock 4 costing $75.