Twitter reportedly launching longer tweet format on September 19


Twitter’s tweet composition alterations that would reduce constraints on the iconic 140-character limit, which were announced in May, are set to launch September 19th, according to The Verge.

The tech publication says it was able to independently confirm with two sources “familiar with the company’s business” that from then onward, media attachments and quoted tweets will no longer count towards the character count, allowing users more flexibility with their carefully-crafted short emissions.

For the same reason, usernames put at the front of reply tweets will also no longer count.

The Verge notes its unclear whether all these changes will happen at the same time, or in phases, but regardless the move should begin on the 19th — and hopefully in the Canadian market.

While this change gives Twitter users a bit more space to play, it’s not likely to lead to any more alterations, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a fan of the original 140-character formula, calling it a”beautiful constraint.”

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