Corning announces Gorilla Glass SR+ for wearable devices

Corning built its name on household products, but more recently, it’s become known for its ubiquitous Gorilla Glass, which is used in the displays of millions of smartphones, tablets and car windshields, most recently in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

With the adoption of wearable devices taking shape, Corning has expanded its product line and introduced Gorilla Glass SR+. The company notes this is a new glass composite that has been specifically designed for wearable devices that “combines the legendary toughness, optical clarity and touch sensitivity of Gorilla Glass with superior scratch resistance approaching that of luxury watch cover materials.”

During Corning’s testing period, Gorilla Glass SR+ resulted in a 70 percent improvement at damage resistance against impacts than current wearables on the market. In addition, the new Glass reportedly has “superior optical performance” that will give your wearable a longer battery life.

We can expect this to arrive sometime “later this year” from “leading global brands,” which means there is a strong possibility it will live on the upcoming Apple Watch 2.

[source] Corning [/source]