90s Sega Genesis gem ToeJam and Earl is back and looks spectacular

I have fond memories of spending hours playing the original ToeJam and Earl for the Sega Genesis with my dad. For its time, the game offered an unparalleled quirky experience that included an excellent cooperative mode, allowing two players to progress through the entire game together.

ToeJam and Earl’s graphics, at least as far as the mid 90s and the Genesis are concerned, were spectacular, and the game’s simple find the parts for your spaceship goal, as well as its funk-infused aesthetic, made it stand out from other video games available at the time. Even today the game seems like an anomaly and there hasn’t really been a title like it since.

For better or worse, movies studios and video game developers are constantly rebooting projects, and in most cases, many of these iconic franchises are better left as fond childhood memories.

This could be the same case with HumaNature’s ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove, but if the game’s recent reveal trailer is any indication of its final release, this reimagining is poised to return to the style of the original game, unlike the series 2D side-scrolling sequel and abysmal Xbox threequel.

The iconic music, jumping elevator, all-important mini map and wacky human parody characters, are all making a return. Though the game’s first footage only amounts to 35 seconds, it’s a nostalgia overload for anyone who has fond memories of the series.

It’s unclear if the game’s offbeat scavenger hunt formula will find find an audience in 2016, but the title’s initial reveal trailer certainly looks promising. We won’t know for sure until the game releases on PC and console, but given the rise of roguelike games over the last few years, this reimagining of ToeJam and Earl has the odds in its favour.

ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove is set to be published by Adult Swim and was originally revealed via a moderately successful Kickstarter back in 2015.