Rogers officially stops activating new Mobilicity accounts


  • Victor Creed

    “We created exclusive chatr plans with customers’ Mobilicity plans in mind. They vary slightly all depending on what a particular customers plan was with Mobilicity with the goal of trying to make them as similar as possible,”


    • Hello Moto

      The “exclusive” Chatr plans are identical to every customer’s Mobilicity plan in terms of price and features. Everyone’s plan is being grandfathered onto Chatr. Actually, Rogers has given Mobilicity customers more features at no extra cost such as a larger coverage area, slightly faster data speeds, voicemail, unlimited outgoing voice outside the zone, and unlimited text messaging outside the zone. Mobilicity customers are having the last laugh, LMAO.

    • beyond

      Don’t worry, in time Rogers will find a way to have the last laugh.

    • Bun

      Are they really giving unlimited outgoing voice and text outside the zone?

    • Hello Moto

      Apparently so.

    • Abel

      We’re hoping! At least that’s what they’ve published and have not bothered to correct in about a month!

    • Food

      Not every plan was provided with the unlimited out of zone talk and text. The plan I was given doesn’t include the out of zone talk and text

    • Abel

      It’s not exactly the same price for 100% of users, but mostly so. No one is getting a lower rate (not that it was to be expected!) but some have gone (very) slightly up. In my case (and many others who have been effectively paying $29) it’ll go up by $1, to $30. But I don’t complain. I will now have no-roaming in a much wider area, which accounts for most of the places I visit when I leave my zone anyway. And if that “mystery” of outbound usage out-of-zone turns out to be true, well…

      I must say I am surprised this is the case, to be honest, as I was expecting it to be much worse. There’s the odd cases that have increased by $5-$10, but this is mostly folks with add-ons and stuff. And some have even been corrected by Mobilicity, which is also surprising!

    • somebody else

      However out-of-zone data is PPU. No notification what-so-ever if you leave that zone. Surprise surprise.

  • 40to50

    I had the “Premium” data add on.. it was originally supposed to give faster speeds… I absolutely didn’t have faster speeds under Rogers but I stuck it out. I was also only paying $40 plus taxes after discount from when I signed up. The only choice I have is a $50 plan

    • Abel

      Try dropping the add-on (which will be useless after the migration anyways since the speed will still be capped at 3 Mbps -unless you really use that much data). After a couple of days, you should have a new plan offered at a comparable rate to what you are paying.

      Some users have reported that modifying add-ons is no longer possible after 15-Aug, but others have said it still is, so there’s no guarantee that you will be able to drop it but it’s worth a try.

  • Abel

    The article is not 100% accurate. the price range starts way below ($20 for sure, but I think those on the $15 plans are getting that price, too).