Leaked photos reveal design of HTC’s Nexus Marlin and Sailfish

Google’s forthcoming Nexus devices, which were confirmed to be HTC-made by a recent FCC filing, were subject to a battle of the leaks over the weekend, beginning with a photo of one the devices that emerged from an anonymous Twitter account.

The photo shows a glossy black phone with rounded edges, “glass and fingerprint scanner on the back.”

The account also tweeted that there were two devices: a premium device shown in the tweet, and one “glossy plastic (lower end),” adding, “Both looked like smaller devices <5.5 inch screens.”

Shortly thereafter, Android Police, the publication that has been the most prolific in sharing leaks of Marlin and Sailfish, went live with their own photos of the Sailfish, the smaller of two devices. The smartphone shown in the website’s photos shares the same design as the render it shared in early July.

The photo shows a black device with rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, a volume rocker and power button on the side and no forward-facing hardware buttons. Most notably, it also shows that the glossy portion only extends across the top half of the back of the phone, around the fingerprint sensor. The rest is matte metal. Returning to the initial leak, a close look will reveal the same.

android police nexus sailfish

Android Police goes on to report that apart from a difference in size — Marlin will reportedly have a 5.5-inch display, while Sailfish will have a 5-inch one — both devices will share the “same basic industrial design and materials. There is no ‘plastic’ phone between the two.”

The publication also says that according to its sources, the handsets will have identical specs apart from screen size, resolution and battery capacity.

Android Police also commented on the secondary tweet from the user, stating that the leakster likely mistook another “glossy plastic” device that they didn’t recognize as a Nexus.

The leaker, in turn, later responded on Twitter that it was possible that the handset mentioned was a prototype and would not be released as a Nexus. They added that they believed Android Police‘s metallic Nexus isn’t the final design, as the device in their picture had a full glass back — though many Twitter users are saying it’s possible to see the dividing line in the leakster’s photo.


Only time will tell whether Android Police or the new kid on the block are correct. The Nexus devices are expected to release this fall, with one publication claiming October 4th, specifically, will be the date.

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