Apple rumoured to finally refresh its aging MacBook Pro line

It looks like Apple finally has plans to overhaul its MacBook Pro laptop line, the first revamp in four years, according to Bloomberg’s Marc Gurman.

The updated laptop will reportedly be thinner and feature a touch screen strip for various function keys. The new Pro will also feature more powerful and efficient graphics processors, according to Gurman’s sources.

In a disappointing move, however, the new Pro likely won’t be unveiled at Apple’s September 7th iPhone 7 event. The upcoming keynote will be focused solely on the iPhone 7’s reveal, with a subsequent keynote honing in on the MacBook Pro’s refresh at at a later date.

The goal of the dedicated function display is to simplify often-used keyboard short cuts, making them more accessible to less experiences Mac users. This means that the panel will likely include media playback controls, as well as cut and paste commands.

The new laptop’s casing is set to be thinner and lighter than the current Pro, but won’t feature a tapered, slanted body, like the current MacBook and MacBook Air. It will, however, include the touch-sensitive trackpad featured in the company’s MacBook, according to Gurman’s unnamed sources.

Finally, the new Pro will utilize USB-C, similar to the new MacBook, though it’s unclear if the laptop will also include traditional USB-A ports as well. It’s also possible that the new laptop could include fingerprint scanning technology that’s similar to Touch ID

It’s unclear if the MacBook Air will also receive a revamp, though it’s possible, given that despite how great the laptop still is, it’s rapidly aging.