Samsung’s Gear VR gets a makeover that’s more than skin deep

Alongside the much anticipated Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has released an upgraded Gear VR to match.

The Note 7’s USB Type-C port renders it incompatible with the current iteration of the Gear VR. In just a few weeks, owners will be able to purchase a solution.

On August 19th, the same day the Note 7 goes on sale, Gear VR owners will be able to pick up a new version of the company’s virtual reality headset. The new Gear VR offers several upgrades to its predecessors, not limited to a new blue-black colour scheme.

Furthermore, the new and improved Gear VR features a dedicated Home button to take users out of menus, eliminating the need to hold down the Back button.

The touchpad on the Gear VR’s right side is barely recognizable without the signature D-shaped design users have come to know. In addition to these significant improvements however, the new headset is backwards compatible with all Samsung phones. The USB Type-C port can be switched out for a micro-USB adapter.

Lastly, the new Gear VR seems to have come closer to solving one of VR’s major obstacles – comfort. The padding is much thicker than earlier versions and the range of vision has been widened from 96 degrees to 101 degrees.

While the upgraded Gear VR headset goes on sale August 19th, preorders for the headset open tomorrow.

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