Pokémon Go’s highly anticipated wearable delayed until September

Pokemon Go Plus

It looks like avid Pokémon trainers are going to have to wait a little longer to get their hands on Pokémon Go’s dedicated wearable, the Pokémon Go Plus.

According to a Tweet sent out yesterday, as well as an email published by Nintendo Life, those who pre-ordered the device are receiving emails stating that the wearable has been delayed, along with the offer of a minor discount on their next purchase.

The $35 USD watch-sized device allows players to accomplish in-game tasks without actually taking out their phone. This means that the device vibrates whenever you’re near a Pokéstop, allowing you to tap it and collect items. The Pokémon Go Plus also lets players press on the device to throw a Pokéball when the device is nearby.

However, the wearable does feature several limitations. Most notably, users of the device can only capture Pokémon they’ve already caught, which means the Pokémon Go Plus can’t be used to catch new Pokémon.

It’s unclear what the reason for the delay is, whether it’s related to taking additional time to perfect the wearable, or if there are production shortage issues.

While a dedicate Pokémon Go wearable will definitely appeal to hardcore players, a premium priced iOS and Android Wear app would probably appeal to a much wider demographic. As fun as Pokémon Go is, I’m not sure I want to actually walk around with what is essentially a Pokémon branded screenless smartwatch strapped to my wrist.

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