Apple set to sell its 1 billionth iPhone in July

iPhone 6

If it hasn’t already achieved the milestone, Apple is expected to sell its one billionth iPhone sometime this week, according to market analysts interviewed by CNBC.

The company, which is set to announce its third quarter earnings on Tuesday, will likely announce at least another 40-million iPhones sold during the three month period ending in June. Taking in to account that clip, Apple will have sold approximately 987-million iPhones as of its most recent fiscal quarter. With about 13-million iPhones sold per month, the company is on pace to sold it one-billionth iPhone.

The milestone comes as both iPhone and smartphone sales slow down. At its most recent Q2 earnings call, Apple announced it had sold 51.2-million iPhones during the three month period that ended on March 26th, a 16 percent decline from the 61 million iPhones it sold during the same period in 2015. With Apple expected to wait until 2017, the iPhone’s 10th year anniversary, to release a significant upgrade to the iPhone 6 lineup, the company’s device sales are expected to continue to decline for the foreseeable future.