Neptune shows off the software behind its SIM-carrying smartwatch

The Neptune Duo smartwatch was first announced in February 2015, offering an intriguing new idea: what if your smartwatch took on all the computing power of your phone, and your phone was just an accessory, to be used for bigger screen size?

By May 2015 the project was fully funded on Indiegogo to the tune of $1,169,000– 1116 percent over its goal.

The Montreal-based company has since tweaked the branding and concept slightly, now calling the system Neptune Suite, and offering an assortment of smart accessories. Among them: a wireless headphone necklace, pocket screen, tablet screen and a dongle that can turn any computer or TV display into a screen for the smartwatch, or “Hub.”

The company promises the SIM-carrying Hub will have battery life roughly similar to a smartphone, while the pocket screen and tablet devices have larger than usual batteries due to not having to hold most of the internal hardware a device of their type usually would. Additionally, those devices can act as battery packs for the Hub, allowing it to last multiple days. The devices connect and charge using the necklace. All devices run Android Lollipop, and the entire system will retail for $899, around the same price as a high-end smartphone.

The system, frankly, sounds a bit too good to be true, but today the company has released a GIF that shows a working example of the wireless protocol that facilitates the Suite’s functionality.


The proprietary software, which the company calls “Link,” is shown operating on two tablets. One is a stand-in for the Hub, the other is acting as the pocket screen. Once the user touches the pocket screen, the Hub responds as well, with little latency. Neptune notes, however, that it’s working on reducing the latency to the point where it isn’t noticeable at all.

The GIF is being sent out to backers and followers today via newsletter as visual validation that the real deal, which is past its February 2016 estimated release date, will be coming in the not too distant future. Those interested in the Suite can subscribe to be alerted of availability on the company’s website.

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