You can now pre-order beer with the Beer Store’s Beer Xpress app

Beer is now on-demand at select Beer Store locations in Ontario.

As we previously reported, the Beer Store has unveiled its Beer Xpress service, which allows beer enthusiasts to pre-order beer from their iPhone or Android smartphone — wihthin the current Beer Store app — as well as through desktop devices. For now, Beer Xpress is only available at 25 pilot locations in Windsor, Ottawa, Toronto and Collingwood (complete list can be found here).

Rather than purchase directly, Beer Xpress is designed as an easy way to order beer ahead of time, as it reserves the desired case of suds for you for in-store pick-up and payment. Once you arrive at the store you will simply need to walk up to the new Beer Xpress stations, which gives you the ability to skip the line and pay for your order directly.


“We’re delighted to offer a digital solution that will enhance the overall customer experience. We have introduced our mobile application and in-store touch screens (pricing information centres) in recent years and Beer Xpress is the latest digital innovation for customers to enjoy,” said Ted Moroz, president of the Beer Store in a statement to MobileSyrup.

“Today’s Beer Store offers modern and exciting experiences – we have 25 Ontario-based brewer owners all committed to improving the shopping experience every day. We intend to learn from these pilot stores so we can improve the experience and offer this service in more stores across the province.”

The Beer Store notes that orders will be available within 30 minutes after confirming and “all purchases will be subject to the Beer Store’s award-winning ID25 responsible sale program.”

Update: It seems that the update to pre-order has not yet fully propogated to users on smartphones. You can still access the desktop version and order thy beverage.

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