Facebook Live to incorporate Snapchat-like filters from Masquerade

It seems that most video or photo applications are trying to build in some sort of augmented reality feature. Whether it’s Snapchats face filters or Oldify with its ability to make you age within seconds, there is no shortage of face morphing entertainment.

Back in March of 2016 word hit the web that Facebook had acquired face morphing augmented reality app maker Masquerade. Masquerade, for those who are not familiar, is one of the most popular augmented face swapping apps out there, allowing users to morph their faces into a skeleton, alien, or even a super top secret spy with night vision.

Facebook has announced plans to integrate the core features of Masquerade within Facebook Live, allowing for real time face morphing during live broadcasts. The feature isn’t live just yet, but it should slowly make its way to Facebook user’s phones and tablets in the coming weeks.

This move isn’t a surprise, though it will make for a interesting battle between Snapchat, which recently purchased a facial recognition startup named Looksery in hopes that it could create a better face filter experience.

The question is, will this move incentivize users to broadcast themselves on on Facebook Live? If the success of Chewbacca mom is anything to go by, loading a Star Wars filter could skyrocket users to internet fame in mere minutes.

[via]The Verge[/via]