Chill Telecom is the latest MVNO in Canada, hopes to give unlimited ‘Fearless Freedom’ to the masses

Chill Telecom

New competition is poised to enter the wireless sector in Canada.

Chill Telecom is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) based out of Kitchener, Ontario, and has popped up suddenly with a lofty goal, like so many before it. MVNOs lease larger carriers’ wireless networks to provide services at discounted rates.

The new company’s information is missing, but I did some research and the Chill Telecom name is not yet trademarked. In addition, the domain name was registered on June 9th and the company’s current website was built with Squarespace. 

“The golden age of wireless telecommunication services in Canada just begun,” says the mysterious founder of Chill Telecom. “Changing the wireless game for Canada” is its mission and the company looks to be based out of Communitech Hub at 151 Charles Street West in Waterloo.

As for its plan offerings, Chill claims to bring the “the solution for millions of people who worry about their wireless bill, overcharges & limits.” Chill says customer will be able to “cancel anytime” and currently has two plans, $35 and $45 per month featuring unlimited talk, text, and data.

chill telecom

The “Infinite Everything” $45 per month:
• Unlimited Data Anywhere in Canada – (Full Speed 4G)
• Unlimited Talk&Text – Locally & Canada Wide All DAY
• Unlimited International Calls & Texts to Mobile and Landline to +55 Countries
• Free International Roaming, Unlimited Text & Talk & Data – All DAY
• Price-Locked – No Surprise Charges / Over Charges
• Sim Card – Starting $4.99

The Fearless Everything Plan for $35 per month:
• Unlimited Data, Talk & Texts – Local and CanadaWide All DAY
• Price-Locked- No Surprise Charges / Over Charges
• Sim Card – Starting $10.99

The service is not live yet, but Chill is accepting plan registrations that notify users when the new MVNO is active. Chill is also offering a promo for early adopters, allowing them to receive a discount on their monthly plan and also have the possibility of winning a “Galaxy S7 Edge + VR Headset/ iPhone 6S.”

As for coverage, it seems that Chill Telecom is hooked onto Telus’ network with service focused in on Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Chill seems to only offer BYOP (bring your own phone) plans now, but its FAQ says it has high hopes, noting, it will have an “online store, buying a phone in repayments is an option.”

In addition, the new MVNO says “our plan is to establish our own network soon, but currently, we are going to Operate through one of Canada’s Existing network.”

“Fearless Freedom” is the tag line. Do you believe it?

Update: According to a recent Facebook post, Chill notes, “our founders are not anonymous, the CEO of Chill Telecom is Roujeh Ramadan , an Israeli-Canadian Entrepreneur who started this wireless startup on May 22nd, 2016.”

The company is also seeking to hire a “CTO/COO/CMO/Business Development/Software Engineers &UX/UI developers.”

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