The future of Google’s Android platform lies with Project Tango


  • Ipse

    I give it a year….same as Ara. I guess Google has too much money to focus on anything.

    • Jason

      Ara is still around (and I’m still rooting for it) it just hit a production snag on its way to Puerto Rico and they can’t just let it go in the US because it needs to be approved by carriers

    • rick

      Its the new business strategy. Throw a ton of spaghetti at the wall. Quickly recognize what doesn’t stick and move on, focus on the stuff that does stick. Google has a crapload of money so they’re throwing a crapload of spaghetti. They’ll have a crapload of abandoned ideas/strategies/technologies. If you recognize whats not working quickly, you’re not losing much money in the scheme of things, because it only takes one of the good ideas to make you billions.

    • Ipse

      But there is a ton of abandoned projects that never got a fair chance to succeed. And frankly I don’t see the direction this company is taking…. too much dicking around, almost like no one is at the helm.

    • rick

      Business is more about budgets and dollars than actually seeing something through or “finishing” something or even giving something a chance. Someone crunched the numbers and those things go.

  • robinottawa

    I don’t get it. Do you need glasses?

    • Richard Wangly

      It’s all on-screen. For example, you point the phone at a car in a dealership, and the image from the camera will be overlayed with “0% financing, no money down, blah blah”

    • Longtin

      Think of a hologram coming out of your phone or device. A personal assistant in your own home that can do anything for you technology wise , and once IoT catches on, the hologram AR will be able to even control every thing that’s connected over wi-fi; including your fridge, shower, oven etc…

  • Looks like things we see today in 3ds and aug reality games and apps but with a twist. This directly benefits Google.

    It looks very do-able but who else will get on board? Are OEM’s will to spend more to benefit Googles core business?

  • jndvrk

    An interesting side-effect might be much quicker and more detailed map updates. Anytime you’re using your phone – either taking photos or ‘scanning’ things – that depth info goes to google. Would come in handy for self-driving cars.

    Something like the hack-everyone’s-phone-and-use-it-for-sonar bit from one of the Batman movies.

  • Smanny

    I would not say it’s the future of Android. But I would say it’s one more thing in Androids tool belt. Just like modularity is another tool in Androids favor. It started with Ara (still in the back burner), but LG was the first to introduce a modular smartphone for the masses with its G5. Next is Motorola and Lenovo with the new Moto X in June and it’s 6 modules. One module might be a Tango module with IR and depth sensors.

  • (Buffering)… 05%

    Toss in a facial recognition software and link it to your local sex offenders website, and we’d have a winner.

  • jay

    see what it is but looks good?

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