Google could be launching an incubator in the hopes of retaining top talent

Google's Mountain View Office

The best people work for the best companies, and for the most part, they always have. However, with the entrepreneurial wave washing over the world’s most talented business ecosystems, sometimes, the best and the brightest want to go off on their own.

Google is trying to give its employees the best of both worlds by ensuring they’re happy, fulfilled and free to flex their innovative muscles without straying too far from home base.

According to The Information, The tech giant is reportedly in the works of launching an in-house incubator where employees can launch side initiatives with Google’s support.

Employees will be required to submit an application and a business plan, and if approved, will be allowed to work on their 20 percent projects (the personal projects to which Google allocates a fifth of your work time), full time.

The incubator is known internally as “Area 120.” Teams are able to work within the incubator full time for several months with the intention of eventually branching out with Google as an investor.

Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz will reportedly manage the space, though details regarding the project are still sparse.

The Information goes on to say that this project may be Google’s latest attempt to retain their most valuable human assets, such as Regina Dugan, who left Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects team to head Facebook’s new hardware division.

Furthermore, Kevin Systrom worked two years at Google before creating Instagram, which was eventually acquired by Facebook.

Though Google’s solution offers security, only time will tell if it will be enough to retain the company’s top talent and their ideas.

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