BuzzFeed launches hockey stick and maple syrup-filled Canadian-focused mobile news app


Late last year, BuzzFeed launched an Android and iOS version of its website, giving readers of the cat gif and listicle-filled website an easy way to stay on top of its content.

This app, however, did not feature an emphasis on BuzzFeed Canada’s Canadian-specific content. Now, BuzzFeed has revealed it’s releasing a Canadian-focused BuzzFeed News app.

“Canadian Millennials are globally connected and this app offers them relevant global content in a style and format they come to expect from BuzzFeed,” says BuzzFeed in a recent statement sent to MobileSyrup.

The app is set to feature localized notifications that focus on Canadian content, the same snooze, do not disturb button featured in its U.S. counterpart, autoloading gifs, an in-line video player, and all important emojis.

The localized version of BuzzFeed’s news app is available on both iOS and Android.