HTC 10 leaks once again, this time turned on



    Huge top and bottom bezel with no boom sound?! I’ll have to see it in person, but I’m definitely leaning towards the LG G5.

  • Will Maitner

    That’s nice, but why not a larger screen, like 5.5-6″?

    • danbob333

      I think that the phablet market is already full with devices such as S7 Edge, 6P, 6S+ and Note series.

      A better plan would have been to release a phone smaller than the S7.

  • danbob333

    HTC will now be 1-2 months after Samsung. It looks like their phone will be similar to the Galaxy S7. Unless they have a price advantage, I can’t see them succeed.

  • fourthstooge

    The new HTC 10 does look nice. But, what everyone seems to forget is that a successful successor device needs to have all the great technology available in the market that can be packaged together. The reason the M9 didn’t do well is because it ran hot initially, the camera was poor, and had no Image Stabilization, and it did NOT have a biometric reader of some type that is needed for future secure commerce transactions.

    Note though that any company that removes a great feature like front-facing STEREO speakers from an existing product on its next iteration has engineers with mushy brains. If this ends up being true, then it’s likely that the “Perfume” phone will be another weak seller, like its predecessor. Even Samsung brought back a microSD slot on the Galaxy S7. There are NO good reasons to remove the stereo speakers. Right? One keeps improving, not removing good stuff. Time will soon tell us how mushy those brains are. The Galaxy S7 Edge is the way to go till some company can create a follow up flagship device with FF stereo speakers.

    If smartphone users think that stereo speakers should not be part of their multi-media experience when using the device, then they should ask themselves, “would they buy a TV without stereo speakers – like it was in the 70s – great mono sound?” If the smartphone plays back HD video, then the smartphone should play back stereo sound. It just makes sense. Of course, both large and small multi-media smart devices should also have jacks for earplugs or headphones when privacy is required. This just makes sense too. Right?

    I also watch youTube videos on my M9. I hold up my phone and watch different types of clips with it, while I’m lying down. Those FF stereo speakers make a huge difference. I can watch John Oliver (Last Week Tonight) clips in HD, and the stereo sound is awesome. My next portable computer (which will just happen to make phone calls as well) MUST have stereo sound (without accessories), and if HTC does not offer it in a few years, then I’ll be buying someone else’s smart multimedia personal assistant device.

    Boomsound is just some hardware and software inside the device (and more importantly it’s a marketing term). It has nothing to do with where sound exits the device. In my opinion, the engineers had it right, when they designed the exits so that the direction of the sound hits my face, and a stereo effect is achieved by having the sound exit from both sides of the screen when one holds it in landscape mode, as if you are watching a small LED flat screen TV.

    LightStruk stated: I have a One M8, and I bought it specifically for the loud, front-facing, stereo speakers. I use those speakers every day! I can watch videos without cupping my hand around the bottom bezel like you have to with an iPhone, and the stereo separation is obvious. I can turn my phone around and show some friends what I’m watching, and they don’t have to alternate between pointing the speaker at their ear and watching the video. I put it on my kitchen counter and listen to podcasts as I cook. I turn on music and sit it on the table while playing with my toddler. The sound that comes out is actually tolerable!

    So, I believe Stereo FF speakers are just as necessary as a colour display.

  • Renaud Emond

    Nous boomsound is unacceptable, it is probably the best feature of the One series up until the A9.

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  • jay

    If HTC wanna have an impact in 2016 that only work’s with the right price