Facebook may soon let companies send advertising via Messenger


  • xanth18


  • neo905

    I think I am the only person on earth who has never signed up for Facebook or Facebook Messenger. It’s a badge I wear with honour…

    • bigshynepo

      I refuse to allow facebook on my mobile devices. As a result, I have hours of extra free time per day compared to my friends.

  • Brad Fortin

    Because when people are already complaining that there’s too many ads in Facebook and Instagram it makes sense to push even MORE ads onto users.

    Next up: Ads in WhatsApp.

    • neo905

      Good thing I have Adguard on my phone so it won’t matter if WhatsApp does this. Actually it doesn’t matter who does it, I never see it anyway.

  • Collin dubya

    There better be a way to block these companies

    • Amanda Rose

      seriously though like i dont want my phone blowing up with spam i didnt ask for all day

  • awhite2600

    I use FB Messenger to communicate with a couple of friends that prefer the platform over emails, texts, etc. If the rules change to allow unsolicited advertising I will be quick to uninstall.

  • Patrick James Morley

    I’ve left Facebook before. If FB Messenger starts delivering ads, out I go again.

  • SmellyFingr

    OMG, I was waiting for this for so long – no one ever!

  • Sia

    I stopped using Facebook app on my phone when they separated the messenger. I just use the browser version with a short cut on home screen. Much lighter.

  • Amanda Rose

    how about not ? nobody wants to be bothered with direct advertisements, sponsored posts and advertisements all over my news feed are enough , never mind all those spam posts that everyone gets tagged in for fake raybans

  • jay

    where does Facebook get there money from? we all want free service but somehow Facebook has to make billions and that works only with add and selling your data. i am never interested in Facebook and believes that Facebook is the biggest battery drainer…..


    I’ll be closing my account, if this actually happens.

  • Ipse

    Hit back with a Chrome or Firefox add-on called Facebook Purity.
    Best way to clean up the pages and weed out ads and intrusions….yes, I know they are making money from ads, but just not from me.
    And NEVER install any ‘client’…the browser works just fine.

    PS. Who uses Facebook anymore?