LG reveals Quick Cover case for the unannounced LG G5


  • TP

    I may be in minority, but I actually prefer real leather cover to metal.

    • Crossed

      me too. I would rather have leather that I can open over sealed metal. Metal front/sides and leather back.

    • Roger

      +1. add me to the minority group. I didn’t get one myself, but how is the leather back holding up after a year or so? I would be worried about its durability if I had one myself.

    • TP

      can’t answer that myself as my phone is only 2-3 months old. However looking at my friend’s 6+ month old G4, it looks much better than, say, 6+ month old typical iPhone or GS6. The leather just looks so natural with a few scratches (barely noticeable because of the colour and texture of the leathe) and minor wear on the corner (again, hard to see unless you actually examine it). It just looks like my black leather wallet.

  • jndvrk

    What’s going on with that thumb?!?!

    • Marc Palumbo

      That’s Megan Fox’s thumb right there

    • Crossed

      hhahaha it looks diseased

    • Brad Fortin

      Looks like a fat thumb.

  • Chris Stoochnoff

    Proof that the cell phone market has plateaued as far as innovation… when they start throwing crap against the wall like this in hopes it will stick. Someone at LG (and other manufacturers are coming out with always-on too, IIRC) pitched that to his team. “Hey, what if we had a phone that was always ON.” ….. “Bob, that’s a —-ing terrible idea. That will kill battery life and what purpose can it serve?”…. “Who cares… someone will buy it because it’s different!”

    Next up, cell phones where the sides, front, and back of the phone are all screens!