LG G5 cases show up on Amazon in spectacular detail

We’ve heard a ton of leaks about the upcoming LG G5, including the probable inclusion of two camera lenses. Thanks to some marketing material from LG, we also know that the new phone will be announced on February 21st, right before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This week, we got a better look at the new shape, and some of the features, of the phone. The new information and pictures come from LG G5 cases listed on Amazon, and pictures show the device in vivid detail.

The phone includes two lenses, as reported, as well as a dual-LED flash. In addition, as expected, the volume buttons have moved from the back of the phone to the side, and the power button on the back is working double duty as a fingerprint sensor.

Most of these cases won’t be on sale until March 28th, but at least one will be on sale in just two days, which would suggest this case design is final and not just a rendering.