Samsung quietly reengineers Galaxy Note 5 to fix Pen-gate issue

When the controversy surrounding Pen-gate (the design flaw that allows Note 5 owners to break their smartphone’s stylus detection functionality by inserting the S-Pen backwards) initially broke out, Samsung responded to the crisis by pointing Note 5 owners to the manual included with their smartphone.

The company later added a sticker to the front of the smartphone, duplicating the warning found in the phone’s manual. Now the company appears to have taken its most definitive step toward resolving the issue once and for all.

A photo sent to Phandroid, seen below, reveals Samsung has reworked the Note 5’s pen detection mechanism (the new system is the one pictured on the motherboard to the left). According to the person who sent in the image, the mechanism, despite its makeshift look, ensures the S-Pen is not inserted improperly.

New Note 5 Motherboard

Besides taking the phone apart, there doesn’t appear to be a way to tell apart this new revision from the Note 5s that came before it. So don’t take this news an invitation to see if the Note 5 you just bought is free of the issue.

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