WhatsApp drops yearly subscription fee, looks to woo businesses instead


  • I guess this is the new ad. I seen it on bbm and kik. The sponsored contacts

  • Eluder

    I signed up to Whatsapp so many years ago that I had a lifetime free account. Hopefully they don’t screw me into getting some sort of ads within the app.

    • Columbo

      Oh, ads are coming. Don’t doubt it for a second.

  • OmniWrench

    I’m curious how high the annual fee would have to be to cover these “allegedly not ads” ads. I’d easily pay multiples of the $1/a year. $5, $10, $20/year for no ads? I doubt I’d even stop to think about it…

  • acb87

    ive never paid anything for whatsapp. and i dont know anyone else who has . its says 99 cents but 3 years later i still haven’t paid anything

    • Crossed

      Me too. I check my credit card statements religiously and I have never seen a single charge.

    • Abel

      I didn’t even enter cc info ever (I also registered around 3-4 years ago).

      That being said, I think I read somewhere a while ago that they didn’t charge in some markets (North America, for instance), probably due to the competition of other platforms.

    • Tyrannosaur3464

      Yeah.. You’re right. Same here, been using it nearly three years.

  • Raj Singh

    Not sure why but I’ve never had to pay the 99 cents.

  • GPman

    Here in Hong Kong it is a huge business tool. It is rare to see an ad for a company or anything that has contact information that doesn’t include a WhatsApp contact number. Even tiny stores use it. It’s a standard here.