Samsung teases upcoming Exynos 8 processor feature set


  • thepeddle

    Well here’s to hoping North America gets the Exynos 8 and not the Snapdragon 820

    • ToniK

      I remember reading a leaked article that had the Models for S7 listed as to which market would get which version of Samsung’ next flagship, and it showed that CAD [assuming you’re Canadian :)] is to receive the Exynos variant. There might still be hope.

    • Eluder

      The Canadian S6 came with the Exynos processor, so the likelihood of the S7 is pretty high.

    • lbwc

      There was no other variant. Samsung used the Exynos in every flagship last year. This year will be different. Maybe I will spring for an international variant that has an Exynos but one that supports the Canadian cell bands…

    • QAM_FREQ

      May I ask why the latest Exynos is potentially better than the SD820?
      Reason I prefer Qualcomm processors is due to proper custom ROM development, which is surely lacking with Samsung based CPUs. Maybe you are concerned about heat issues?

      And yes I like – wrong love – playing with with customization beyond launchers and widgets.

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  • deltatux

    Find it funny this article states that it takes “a page from Apple’s playbook” even though, it’s really Qualcomm’s. Last check, Apple doesn’t produce cores for external parties like Samsung does.

    • Brad Fortin

      There’s a difference between designing and manufacturing.

  • Mo Dabbas

    “taking a page from Apple’s playbook, Samsung has designed its own custom ARM cores” — I thought Samsung has been developing it’s own custom chip since the first exynos (hummingbird) processor on the original Galaxy S. I remember that processor was praised over the competition due to its gpu performance back then.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I tried the S6 recently and was surprised how smooth it runs. Samsung phones usually has this TouchWiz lag which wasn’t there on the S6. I assumed it’s the processor doing a great job rather than Samsung getting TouchWiz right. Hope Samsung keep offering their upcoming phones in Canada with the exynos rather than the Snapdragon. Unless Qualcomm ups it’s game in 2016.

    • I’ve been pretty happy with my S6. I haven’t touched one since the S1 and I have to say.. Big improvement.

    • Mo Dabbas

      To be honest. I started using the S6 after the OnePlus two and I still found it smooth. And I know many complained about the battery but I found it good enough for the day. My OnePlus two got this update that made my battery life crappy (10-15% in an hour is a bad rate for any phone I use. I usually consumer 5-10% per hour depending on use and phone).
      And with the S6, for the days I needed to juice it up a little that thing can give me 40% charge in 20 minutes. Fast charging is something you don’t appreciate until you try it (OnePlus two doesn’t come with fast charging). Im actually strongly considering getting rid of my OnePlus two for either the note 5 or nexus 6p.

    • Yeah – the battery on the S6 is the only weak point for me but then again, I’m playing a lot of Hearthstone these days. 🙂 The quick charge to me is a great feature. It’s been a fantastic having it – driving 20 minutes in between places and being able to juice it up like that to cover an evening of photos/videos is a big plus without having to resort to a 2nd battery. I just picked up a few anker car chargers and wall chargers to make sure I have the proper amp rating because it doesn’t work too well with the older 1A or 1.5A chargers. I think I’ll be holding onto this phone for at least another 1.5 years. The 128GB option has been a big benefit for me too. Never thought I would be this satisfied with a Samsung product. 🙂

  • Brad Fortin

    I never understood why “big.LITTLE” exists. Why not just design a core that can be both powerful *and* efficient?

    • Mo Dabbas

      To make it sound cool with the writings (big.LITTLE) and diagrams. Like did you notice that the big part is small letters while the little part is all caps. So cool.


    • danbob333

      I understand that a single low power core can be useful, as you don’t need much processing power to fetch background notifications. If you can turn off the main (“big”) cores, that’s a power saving.

      However I agree with you that I don’t understand why we would need 4 “littles” cores.