This smart thermometer will be a big help to parents everywhere


  • Tristan

    I have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. As all cancer patients will attest, my temperature is very important. If I get the slightest fever I have to go to the hospital for immediate treatment. Taking my temperature is a part of my day to day routine.

    Having a nice log like this would be invaluable.

    A fever is often the first symptomn of an infection. With my counts so low an infection could go septic in under an hour. Meaning fever to death in a few hours.

    I’m sure there are lots of other immunosuppressed people that this would be amazing for as well.

    • TheShinraCorp .

      That really sucks, is there some sort of treatment for your condition or anything like that?

  • KiwiBri

    We use one of the ones that measure temp from the ear. It work really well. Don’t buy the Cheapie probe that go under the arm pit.
    The electronic ones batteries are hard to find and they will start to error out. Try getting a replacement from the US based company then..

  • Roger

    Not too bad since our Philips one costs just as much, and needs replacement covers for the ear.