Samsung reveals fridge that tells you when food goes bad


Have you ever looked at your fridge and wished it had a giant display attached to its front door?

While the odds of that thought having crossed your mind are unlikely, this hasn’t stopped Samsung from teasing a smart fridge that riffs on that very idea. The image of the product, originally posted to the company’s official Korean Flickr feed, shows off what the company is calling a “family hub refrigerator.”

The device looks a lot like a normal fridge with what seems to be a tablet strapped to its front. The display has a mic on/off switch, home button, back button and an information button.

buttons samsung
According to a press release from the company, there’s a camera inside of the fridge that can stream its footage to an accompanying mobile app, as well as to the built-in tablet. It is also set to come equipped with humidity and temperature sensors. The internal camera is designed to monitor when food spoils and will even push out what Samsung is calling “D-Day” alerts, an notification that tells the owner of the fridge when their food is about to expire.

Along with these functions, the fridge will also include a variety of other features like a stereo speakers, news and weather.

It’s expected we’ll learn more about Samsung’s smart fridge later this week.

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