Flappy Bird’s developer releases Swing Copters 2

Swing Copters 2

Flappy Bird is a bad game. Swing Copters is also a bad game.

And now Vietnam-based mobile developer DotGears’, the developer behind those two less than stellar gaming experiences, has released a new title, Swing Copters 2.

Similar to the first stupidly-difficult Swing Copters, Swing Copters 2 is exceedingly difficult to control. The player taps the screen left and right to guide their helicopter through gates in order to score points. While the game’s visuals are significantly more polished than its predecessor, it features the same frustratingly inaccurate controls.

Just because a mobile game is difficult, doesn’t make it good, especially when that difficult level is directly related to shoddy gameplay.

If you feel like punishing yourself to the edge, Swing Copters 2 is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Hopefully DotGears does us all a favour and pulls Swing Copters 2 like it did with Flappy Bird.