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Crytek’s The Climb lets players rock climb in virtual reality

The Climb

Crytek is known for pushing the technical boundaries of video games, but until now the developer has remained uncharacteristically quiet about its plans for the burgeoning virtual reality industry.

Today the studio revealed a new title designed from the ground up for VR, The Climb. The best VR games are the ones that take an interesting concept that hasn’t been tackled before by the gaming industry because it wasn’t possibly until now, and this is the category Crytek’s latest title falls into.

The Climb adopts a first-person perspective and allows players to scale cliffs without the aid of tethers or ropes. If you fall, that’s it: your virtual character plummets to the ground below. Now imagine experiencing that sensation from a first-person perspective in VR.

The game features beautiful vistas and real world climbing locations the average person will likely never see. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it seems like players will use the Oculus’ Touch remotes in order to control their hands, leaping between rocks jutting out from the side of cliffs and between crevices.

The Climb takes the principles of what Crytek showed off in its VR technical demonstration, Back to Dinosaur Island 2, and expands them into a larger experience. However, like many impressive virtual reality demos — Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight for example — it will be interesting to see if The Climb can offer enough variety to feel like more than just an elaborate tech demo.

With that said though, what Crytek has shown off in The Climb’s brief demo video certainly looks impressive. The Climb is set to be released at some point in 2016 exclusively for the Oculus Rift.