BlackBerry may talk Priv numbers in upcoming Q3 earnings


  • It’s Me


    • I’ll raise your 200k and say 350k

    • southerndinner

      If they’re lucky

  • Adderbox76

    Granted, my tiny little Prairie location is apropos of nothing, but we saw a lot of interest; a lot of curiosity; a lot of playing with the demo; and exactly zero sales from it.

    In most people’s eyes, it’s a fun little experiment to look at and play with for a moment on the display while their Samsung or Apple is getting set up by the clerk.

    • Ken Hagen

      Ya until that contract price drops I don’t think they will sell well.

    • Missa Solemnis

      You mean when it finally ends up on sale at Staples, preferably in the bargain bin, it’ll sell well. lol

      Look for Chen to drop prices in the new year along with more of his famous accessory giveaways to prop this up.

    • Sean-Paul

      Troll on. Troll on

    • Missa Solemnis

      Get a clue Sean. You could stand to sit back and learn here instead of calling comments that speak to the truth the same as ‘trolling’

    • Sean-Paul

      Ha ha ha ha ha learn what? Learn to hate a company that has no bearings on the well being of my day? Learn that the best way to try and help a company is to give up, pack up, take the ball home and quit. Not to mention fire someone who is trying to turn things around. Can’t learn anything from you. Other than hating and trolling. Get a life and go outside and enjoy the weather or something.

    • Brad Fortin

      It doesn’t help that many of the competing devices are anywhere from $500-$700 off while the Priv is only $400 off.

  • Kevin Owens

    I’ll go overboard and predict they passed the million.

  • yadeed

    maybe 20k, after all we have their abysmal record. Why it should be different now?

    • Missa Solemnis

      It won’t be. This has all the makings of another disaster written all over it. Perhaps the real reason Chen is releasing Priv numbers is because his BB10 sales have totally cratered under 200,000 and he needs Priv numbers to prop up the sinking ship. Either way its uncharacteristic for this company to make any headlines around the numbers of one device or another.

    • Sean-Paul

      Keep calm and troll on.

      This hate must stem from somewhere. Did you used to work for them? Ex share holder? Got dumped by someone over BBM?

      So much hate

    • IqaluitZen Zen

      Haters are going to hate.

    • Sean-Paul

      So true. And they hide their hate in throwing out “facts” and “ideas” of how to solve the issue of a company. One wonders what credentials they would have to even think they can do better than someone who has turned many companies around.

  • I am optimistic, maybe not a million but 500,000 they have been selling really well, selling out everywhere then back in stock then sold out again, that means nothing if stores only had 8 to sell out of. Even still multiply that by thousands of stores. Obviously this device will have not sold as good as an iPhone or Samsung but I am assuming it is going to blow everyones expectations.

    • With that said I actually like the Priv device, works and looks great to me and I don’t buy a phone based on the number of units sold. To each their own of course but I will support a local company 15 times if I have a choice before I support one in China. Yes I know phones might be made there but the company that makes the profit is North American so it helps our economy. I think these honks of phones will slowly change how people look at BlackBerry finally and realize you might not like BB10 but hardware wise BlackBerry makes some really good hardware. If this is their first android phone I cant wait to see what they put out after refining the process and getting better at it.

    • Jonah Emery

      Well if BB can make a phone like the Nexus 6P I would have bought it.

    • It’s Me

      I hope they do well, but I can’t see 500k units if they only managed to sell 800k of all models they have combined in the previous quarter, and even then, they moved that many at an average price of only $240. I just don’t see the Priv, by itself, even with the attention it generated, selling 2/3 as many devices at 3x the price.

    • I hope this has done better then before because all the positive hype but it’s hard to gauge, talk is talk number will speak real truth. I have they also do well!

    • AfterSuperphone

      If BB sold 800K BB10/BBOS phones, those will continue to sell. PRIV is incremental. That said, it will most like be in the Passport range, which will be around 200k.

    • Missa Solemnis

      BB 10 sales have totally dropped of a cliff. Every quarter the numbers just keep going down. If Chen sold anymore than 500,000 of that stuff this quarter he’s lucky. That’s the ONLY reason in my view he’s intent to release Priv numbers when last year at this time he refused to release any Passport numbers despite it being released in September!

    • It’s Me

      Problem is that most of the BB10 devices were in the $240 range (likely less since the average price was $240). It’ll be hard to convert potential BB buyers were might have bought a $300 BB10 to buy a $800+ Priv. The buyers that would have bought a passport are the ones that might get a Priv instead. Key will be to attract people that have been using android that would have stayed with BB if they had apps and a viable ecosystem.

  • Longtin

    This is insane, how can you not be satisfied with your numbers? Maybe Chen should of lowered his expectations. You waited way to long to do this, the phone itself is way over priced for the amount of value the device gives you, a $500 phone will suffice and that’s outright. Let alone $399.99 on a 2yr. You are not on Apple’s level yet to be demanding that kind of money. I’ve personally only sold one so far. If the price was around $0-$99 max on a 2 yr term and they spend whatever money they had left in marketing, they might have a chance.

    • I was also surprised at the price. I thought for sure they would have made the price lower, even if it was a loss leader. Only numbers will tell I guess if it was worth the high price tag. I’m not sure if they did it just to stay in the premium pricing or what. I know in business to low can mean it’s a crapy phone to high its out of reach, you have to find that perfect middle ground pricing for your device. I thought BlackBerry was going to start low and as adoption of their device got more then raise the profile a little on each next device.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Quite right. The phone is at least 4 years too late and is priced at a premium level these guys simply cannot command anymore.
      It’s not surprising though because this company still believes its a ‘player’ in the mobile market when all they really have left out there is legacy devices dying off hard and fast to be replaced by iPhones and Androids.
      And where is the marketing here? Where is the visibility and awareness of the Priv? I don’t see it so I have to wonder if Chen’s decision to release numbers in this fashion is just another blunder from the buffoon he’s proven himself to be.

    • empire514

      4 years too late. U are on crack!
      Snadragon 808 and 810 released at the same time. The only thing that’s 4 years late on the priv is the front facing camera 2mp. But its not a selfie phone. The rest of the specs wins over any other phones mostly

  • dannyR

    “which is dubbed to be the most secure Android device on the market”

    Even the Passport was not the most secure Android device on the market.

    • The Passport is BB10 not Android?!? So you are right it can’t be the most secure Android device by logic…

    • dannyR

      Perhaps the Disqus strikethrough is only registering on my device.

      Even the Passport   is  not the most secure    device on the market.

    • No I see it maybe I didn’t understand your comment. Can you explain why it was not the most secure device.

    • dannyR

      See my new comment. For example, Blackphone/Silent circle got a 6 or 7 out of 7 in texting security from Electronic Frontier Foundation’s rather rigorous review, where BB got 1 out of 7. Even I was astonished.

    • I would never touch a BlackPhone, those guys are a joke so far, they got owned at DefCon in under 5 minutes if I remember. Yeah I’ll check out that article because I am curious what that is. It’s always a marketing think to say we are the most secure. Well what are they basing that off? Hardware, software, amount of hacks against.

    • So I just read the scorecard, this is a hard one, is SMS on the BlackBerry insecure or it by nature insecure? The SMS system is designed to be insecure. Again it was built when security meant nothing to people. I would not hold this against any phone company to say their texting is insecure because 99% of them are because it’s SMS. BlackPhone replaced SMS with their own app kind of like BBM but you can’t talk to regular people on it it has to be another BlackPhone so really their SMS client is like BBM. Now if you look at BBM secure it’s 7/9 and the one column I would throw out but it’s important also the is code open for public review because yes you need that to prove there is no back doors but also this is their train secrets so that column is a hard one. Perfect forward secrecy is needed I agree.

      Remember this is all software and not the OS, so their claim that thebOS is secure is still accurate maybe their messaging clients are not but again I guess it is just splitting hairs and that is what every company is doing out there of course 🙂

  • dannyR

    It will be well under a million. It will certainly not sell to iPhone users, not to iPhone prospective users. Android users will migrate to iPhone before Priv or Venice. It will sell to a subset of committed BB users who value app-glut over the superior security of a BB10 device, but don’t want to switch to the very high security of Blackphone/Silent Circle, or Boeing Black.

    • It’s Me

      I know one iPhone user that is planning to move to the Priv, but he was a long time BB fan before he gave up on BB. But yeah, in general it’s a niche market. I think it’ll mostly be diehard BB fans or former BB fans that see it as a way back to BB.

    • hoo dat

      My sister in law just renewed her contract and got the Priv instead of yet another iPhone which came as a big surprise. Her reasons? She loves the screen and the PKB, she also thinks the VKB is better than Apple’s. I know she’s the exception to the rule, but it can happen and hell has yet to freeze over!

    • I know 3 people that were sick of iPhone went to Priv means nothing really every one will find a reason to say it’s does not matter. Journey of a thousand miles starts with a step but people will laugh at you till you start to show not letting up, till you make it half way, till you are almost there. Then all of a sudden they are not so crazy

    • Missa Solemnis

      I doubt Lao Tzu would be using a Priv if he were alive today. Given the lack of presence in the Chinese market your quote is actually quite hilarious. lol! Thanks for the morning chuckle

  • Missa Solemnis

    Maybe a couple hundred thousand at best because this thing still has ‘flop’ written all over it.
    That said it’s highly unusual for this company to ever provide a breakdown of sales for any one particular device and they usually try and convince the market that the overall picture won’t be available until at least 2-3 quarters have passed at which point people lose interest. (at least that’s what the company hopes)
    If Chen is willing to stick his neck out and make an announcement about Priv sales this early on he might actually feel that expectations were surpassed and for a company desperately in need of good news you can appreciate where he’s coming from. Then again, Chen’s idea of successful sales may be vastly different than the markets.
    Either way. He’s the worst CEO in tech today. No better than ANY of his predecessors.

    • Not according to all the awards he has won since running BlackBerry but you are entitled to your opinion. The Priv is the first device out of the pipe since he took over BlackBerry, everything before now was from Thorsten it takes a long time to turn a ship like this. I am hoping we will start to see better from them going down the road as we start to see his vision start to show. It’s hard to see it now till we saw the Priv so for other then price and lack of marketing I like the device. But as for marketing I don’t think they are going to do anything till the exclusive is over for some carriers and all carriers can have it

    • Missa Solemnis

      Chen is just as much to blame as Thorsten. He let released the totally useless Leap back in the spring and another iteration of Passport in October. When it’s all said he’s kept stuff in the pipeline that should’ve been squashed soon after he took over. The Passport included. Speaking of which I was out last night and noticed a guy using one of those things with a ‘cracked screen’ LMFAO! SO much for superior build quality.

    • Let’s be fair here a glass screen has nothing to do with build quality, Gorilla Glass 3 is only so strong no matter who makes the phone. That’s like blaming GMC for a blown tire.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Yeah. More excuses. Fact is that for so long people have yammered on about iPhones cracked screens and how crappy they are and yet here you have a Passport with the same and I’m willing to bet it’s one of many.
      Fact is that the build quality here is NO better than anything else out there. It really does depend on how a person handles their hardware and if they’re a klutz or not.

    • So you saw one Passport with a cracked screen and now all the devices have bad build quality. I think you need a bigger sample then one person to make a conclusion like that. I’m not giving excuses I am just talking facts, if you have gorilla glass 3 then it is only that strong no matter what device it’s on. If we are talking build quality we are talking the whole device not just a screen.

    • Missa Solemnis

      No, I’m saying that it’s one of many and it’s not the first I’ve seen. I remember the ‘famous’ Torch and all the problems that piece of shjt had which is why I’m surprised this company is reviving a dead form factor that never had much popularity to begin with.

      The screen is the device for most users because once that goes the rest is good for the garbage. Probably why Chen designed a Priv with a removable screen because he anticipates much the same problem. I see this is as a fragile device with more repairs and problems than this company is prepared to admit.
      More moving parts will cause for that.

      Of course you IT types just can’t let go of this stuff which explains why you defend it so hard. lol I get it.

    • He designed the phone now with a remove able screen? That screen is not removable by end users. I repair these things and all other devices have removable screens, you remove a couple of screws and the screen comes off cleanly. ThebPrive requires a heat gun to unglue it. How exactly is that replaceable? It’s harder to replace then an iPhone screen.

      You are making very silly arguments here to prove a point. I understand you don’t like BlackBerry or Chen’s decisions but if you are going to make arguments based one one article that some 3Rd party guy used a heat gun to remove a screen and all of a sudden you create a correlation that Chen decided this because he knew the screen sucked… That is a very far stretch man very far.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Then what was the story here the other day about removable screens on Privs on how ‘easy’ it is?

      (I know. It’s a hot air story totally without interest beyond a select few) but the fact is you had people out here saying they were going to remove their screens because it’s so easy to do so. The story would have you believe its a simple process and likely one you’d have to deploy once the thing breaks. If so, look at the money you can save on labor by replacing it yourself? lol

      You’re right. I don’t like this company and I can’t stand Chen but really I blame the board of directors here, some of which have been here since the Lazaridis/Baldislly days and have little to no idea on how to hold a CEO accountable. The rest are fanboys like Watsa who have a vested financial interest and can’t see beyond their nose when it comes to the decisions being made here. If I were on that BOD i’d be grilling Chen and pressing for some answers or his resignation.

    • Those people were kidding that it was so easy, they were joking they were going to replace their screen. It was one article and one opinion, again does not constitute a fact. I fear replacing any screen that does not come off with screws. Again that is from someone that has the tech background and tools to do it.

      But back to the original point, I have kids and every single iOS device they have has a cracked screen 6 devices all broken screens, iPods, iPhone, iPods. I’m not saying they are bad screens, maybe my kids such at taking care of them, but then their friends come over and all but one of them has a cracked screen on their iPhones. I can’t make a fact from this but I’ll tell you ill never buy another iPhone in my house it’s not because of build quality but it’s like Apple does this on purpose to make money, they make them not easily replaceable and you have to have apple replace them. Not to mention they can engineer the crap out of a phone but cannot make a charger cable that does not split and break. I have a USB charger cable from 5 years ago that is still fine. They engineer these to break. There is no way this cable costs 45 but it breaks every 9 months. This is what has turned me of from Apple forever. My son had all these purchases from iTunes went to android and he asked how he can get them on his Android, sorry closed system can’t get the music files because apple does not want you to share them, gets his android buy music and sends it to his friend in 3 seconds again just so much reasons why apple is getting that bad name with cracked screens and broken charging cables

    • Missa Solemnis

      Kids are generally 1diots so to use them as an excuse about iPhone build quality is a stretch. I’ve used an iPhone since 2008 and never once had a cracked screen or dropped the thing, except once admittedly but on a soft surface. Not a cement floor from a distance.
      I’ve also never had an issue with the charger cable and as far as music from iTunes on Android, load it up on Google Play music and you can fully access your library. I use it more than the Music app on my iPhone or iPad. Your complaints are the same thin arguments against Apple that are the result of bias and laziness to understand how to get around doing things a certain way.

    • Thank you that was the exact answer I was looking for. You are doing the exact same thing with BlackBerry as I just did to Apple. Maybe now you can see my point on BlackBerry that you try to tear down with one off silly arguments 🙂 proved it to a T.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Blackberry is a poorly managed company led by a b00b

      Apple had a market disruptor product with both the iPod and the iPhone that allowed for its success. What equivalent product does Blackberry have? A slider phone with tactile keys running an older version of Android? lmao! You see my point? You can’t take back market share or be a player anymore when you’re relying on the same old crap that pushed these phones 5-10 years ago and where ‘security’ is the only ace in the hole that only IT people like you care about.
      Add to that the horrible marketing here and the fact that most generally laugh at BB users these days as a result of poor management and this isn’t a story that’s going to end well.

      We can just agree to disagree but somewhere I recall you saying you had shares here. If so, you ought be deeply concerned and disturbed by what is going on here instead of cutting more slack for Chen to hang himself with.

    • Yeah and I have made 200% on them already I own stocks to make money not to back a company. And you missed the whole point of making blanket statements that are nothing but opinions based only on your own experiences. Mine are based on living breathing BlackBerry yours are based of reading articles. I’m just trying to say made you should realize they are very thin arguments. Same as mine were that I made about idevices

    • Missa Solemnis

      LOL! 200% Now I know you’re full of chit. The stock was trading at $12.75 last January. Today it’s $10.33 and you’ve made 200%?? Even if you held shares for the two years since that buffoon became CEO I don’t call a $2-$3 increase in price much to brag about for such a cheap stock with such great potential. The percentages sound impressive but lets get real.

      Maybe you also played the pump and dump runs on buyout rumours but then all that proves is you’ve made money on BS hype. The fundamentals stink here otherwise.

    • I make my money how I want don’t care your opinion I have almost turned 200% maybe not exact but it’s close. People think stock price means everything. They use it as a weapon like it means everything. If this was true then stock prices would be below every product in a store.

      I disclosed that information to show my opinion and the same as writes do show full disclosure.

    • Missa Solemnis

      No one is going to take you seriously looking at the chart on that stock okay? Does it help your case to lie about such a poorly performing issue? It’s steadily declined in price since May and hasn’t recovered. It’s also only marginally better than when Chen took over 2 YEARS ago and you’d have us believe you made 200%? Get real.
      Even if you had bought stock at the bottom of the toilet around $7.00 you’d only be up 50% today and 100% if you were fortunate to dump on the last pump to $15.
      Get your facts straight please.

    • Sorry maybe I miss spoke 100%, I was meaning 100% is my original money plus another 100% I made 200% there is two different ways of saying it I miss spoke I made 100% of my investment back plus 100% return

    • We have diverted from the original point there is always a corner to peal back on every company and everyone has an opinion on why company x sucks but they are all full of opinions and not facts, I don’t know where BlackBerryis going and neither do you it’s all speculations. Have a great day or else well argue opinion all day

    • Missa Solemnis

      The only point I see here is this company sucks, both as an investment vehicle (unless capital losses/shorting are your game) and as a technology player.
      You almost have to feel sorry for these guys whenever a BB story comes out because it usually has the familiar ring of ‘hey, look it’s us. We’re still alive and kicking so please don’t bury us yet’ It’s just sad but at a certain point a company and its BOD should realize when the jig is up and exercise their fiduciary duty to shareholders and maximize a return and let the natural evolution take place here.
      As it stands too many insiders here think $50 is in the cards still and anyone that subscribes to that thinking needs to give their heads a shake.

    • Missa Solemnis

      100% your original money? lol What was your initial price point you bought in at? That’s what matters

      Either way you didn’t make 200% and I doubt you’re near 100%. Every investor out there today on the stock discussion forums is seriously underwater on this thing or treading it lightly but no one is up that much and sitting there with a big grin on their face. This has been a lousy investment for shareholders the past 5 years unless you traded on the swings and timed it exceptionally well. Those are the ONLY ones laughing to the bank.

    • It was like 6 something to be honest I don’t remember other then was 5.90 to 6.80 when I bought in at different times. Again does not matter to the point I was making

    • Missa Solemnis

      lol…Okay. I just don’t happen to believe you bought in at the basement and the absolute lowest price its been. I hear that stuff from shareholders who are too embarrassed to admit they’ve been smoked here so they try to pretend like they’re still ahead of the game when everyone else is taking a bath. I get it. It is embarrassing. lolol

    • Sean-Paul

      You’ll never win against someone who has hate for a company that has no real value to their every day lives.

      Their opinion is the end all and be all of all things BB. And how they should just close down

    • Missa Solemnis

      Oh get real Sean. When a company like this has been so badly run for so many years, has bled nearly all its market share and is showing no signs of a recovery would you suggest turning a blind eye to the suffering of the investors and the employees here?
      Your argument is lame and akin to someone willing to keep a patient on indefinite life support because you choose to retain some unrealistic outlook on life even at the expense of the patient’s suffering. Please wake up. More jobs could be saved here likely through a proper merger where BB’s assets are leveraged by a company that can actually put them to work. It’s called economies of scale, something Blackberry no longer can wield to make any impact in this market.

    • bigshynepo

      ^^^^^^^^^ used to be a kid.

    • ZzaqpazZ

      I was an iPhone user for years, my wife and kid also plus a few employees. To say the passport has better build quality is a matter of fact, not opinion. I was replacing each iPhones twice a year minimum, 3-4 times for my wife. Since replacing them with passports, I haven’t replaced a single one. It’s people like you that are the reason blackberry had to switch to an inferior os, not Chen. When I switched to iPhones years ago, it was for the same reason as using a Mac, Apple was the underdog. You could get an iPhone and have something different. But now, it has mutated into a bunch of whiny followers who can have an original though for themselves. Go ahead and buy the new iPhone, sheep, I will continue to use my mind and do real work so you can keep playing angry birds and benefit from living in this world while contributing nothing.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Real work? Spoken like a typical arrogant BB user. Go figure. In case you haven’t noticed you haven’t got s monopoly on productivity

    • Spoken like a true Apple user, if you ever used BB10 you would understand the productivity on this device is second to none. Everything in one app, all notifications at the touch of a finger. You don’t have to open an individual app for every single thing you do. Again if you ever used BB10 in a professional setting you would understand. Instead you judge not even of used a device for real work. I have been using the Priv and the only thing I miss is how productive my old BB10 device was. It was like nothing you open a message deal with it then on to the next. If it’s BBM message SMS, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp

      Again if you knew you would understand then just being ignorant about it

    • Missa Solemnis

      Again, only your arrogance presumes I’ve never used it and that I find it the only alternative for productive purposes. I judge this stuff based in experience. Not on conjecture

    • Sorry you picked it up for an hour one day at the mall! Or tried it for one day and rage quit it because you didn’t get i. Anyone that has used it knows it’s power of the hub and having everything in one place. BlackBerry is like a Chef with a su chef, all the other OS are like a chef all alone. The meal will still get cooked and it will taste just as good but one will get done faster! One app VS 10 you can’t tell me it’s faster to use 10 apps then 1 and if you do you are lying because that’s just bananas. Yes you can still get it done again one way is faster and more productive leaving you more time for other things. Less time in your phone more time in your life!

    • Missa Solemnis

      I used it for over 6 weeks last February into March. Please don’t presume it appeals to people like it does to you. It’s a bare bones OS with very little utilitarian value.

    • Bare bones, is that what you call an OS with no apps because last time i checked the OS was the Operating System not the apps. How is this a bare bones OS? It has more features in it native then iOS or Android! you mean iOS that will still not let you set a tone when you get a notification unless its an Apple app? oh sorry you want a notification to tell if this is a Whats App or a Facebook message sorry you have to actually pick up the phone and open it to tell that because Apple wont let you use different notifications for different apps unless its theirs. Yeah and were bare bones. its not 2000 any more Apple let your developers create notifications so they are not forced to waste time with a generic led and alert tone!

      6 weeks you gave it to go from a complete different OS to BB10 and I am guessing you didnt even have it that long, you complained how it was not like iOS the whole time and never used it and picked up your real phone. Oh I know how people use their devices, I am a BES admin and it is more productive for doing work, not checking your bank balance or messaging your friends!

    • Missa Solemnis

      You make a lot of assumptions don’t you? Typical arrogant BB fanboy can’t imagine how anyone would disagree with you when it comes to those devices

      And who cares about setting tones for notifications? Geesys! Is that your definition of something better? The sound emitted? In case you haven’t noticed smartphones have moved beyond mere texting and emailing which any phone can do today and into something more sophisticated where the lack of apps does indeed hamper the experience and usefulness of a device. Why do you think the company has suffered so badly huh? Wake up!
      Oh, and getting notifications in a hub while certainly intuitive and compelling for some is NOT A GAME CHANGER. I know just as many that found it annoying and somewhat cluttering to have it all in one place. It’s about personal preference. We each have them and BB by no means possesses a monopoly on design or usefulness

    • If you have not noticed i don’t have to even touch my phone if I know what it is, if its work email i can ignore if its text message i knwo its personal. So again more productive. Why should I have to be forced to pick up a device to see what was jsut sent to me? Again this is 2015 and notifications are the most important thing on mobile devices. If I am busy doing work I can just ignore personal notifications.

      I did not say the hub was a game changer I said it was more productive to open 1 app instead of 10.

      Keep trying, this is how business rolls, when you have a real job again some day that requires a real device were here for you JS!

    • Missa Solemnis

      What a laughable comment. You think being able to discern between a personal email or text on a device by a chime makes you more productive? Lmao!!! And what if the “personal” message was urgent or possibly an emergency because they can’t get through by phone while your busy being “productive ” huh? Gimme a break. That’s about as thin an argument I’ve ever seen from a BB drone. Christ

    • There is an entire industry to back up my comment, wearables! If it is so easy to just pick up your phone and look at your notification why does an entire industry exist around notifications. Because you’re wrong is why! LOL do you even realize this? And being productive does not just mean the time it took you to look at a message it’s the time it takes you after you stop, look at the message read it then go back to work and try to go back to the frame of mind you were in before the notification happened. Laugh all you want but it’s true. If I hear a beep I am distracted for 2 seconds while I think I can ignore that and my train of thought is not broken and I can resume what I was doing. This is productive working 101 we learned it in school, email on a laptop is actually one of the worst distractions ever in business. You want to get crap done turn off your email for an hour and put on an auto responder for the hour. This is not rocket science we learned this first year of collage 15 years ago. Again trying to explain business to a consumer that does not realize they live in a different word then Corp but think they know it all

      And I am not sure what your family members do when it’s an emergency but my family calls me.

    • It’s Me

      Nah, I see Heinz as having been a much larger problem. BB was in decline them but he did nothing but accelerate that. Chen is doing the best he can with the near corpse he was handed.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Fair enough but really he’s no better. He has zero communications skills which is rare among CEO’s in this industry. He doesn’t seem to really have any knowledge of the products he’s pushing as was demonstrated by his handling of the Priv in that rather embarrassing video.
      His software and services strategy is floundering as evidenced by the lack of financial return and the cancellation of BBM Meetings. Oh, and his contradictory statements on hardware the past 3-4 months alone is disturbing for any investor here.

      Better than Heins? Perhaps. But not by much. The notion that some guy who turned around a couple companies 20 years ago in vastly different market conditions than today is somehow going to save the day in Waterloo was always absurd to me. All Chen has done is further the legacy of Heins and the other two wankers. More firings and layoffs to raise cash he can’t raise on his own through flagging sales.

  • St. Misery

    Being out of stock doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you know how many they made and sold. I don’t know a single person who owns this device, I’m going with 100-150K.

    • Missa Solemnis

      The out of stock gimmick is precisely that. When you’re talking about maybe half a dozen devices being available through a vendor and they’re sold out to be replaced by another half dozen it’s doesn’t add up to much. (and half a dozen is probably a generous assessment of availability here)
      It’s one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book to convince people this is such a hot item. Yet, like you, I haven’t seen one person with this thing nor have I seen one advertisement out there about its existence. I do however see Starbucks spending a crapload on Subway ads to advertise how you can pre-order coffee at St George station and pick it up at Osgoode. They plastered the entire station from the stairs to the walls with these ads but where is little Blackberry? lol
      Chen couldn’t see a fistful of bananas in a monkey wh0rehouse.

    • This is what companies do and what Tim Cook was well known product management. So seeing it be sold out multiple times during a release is a good sign and lowers chances of write downs.

      That is what investors really look at. It isn’t a marketing trick, its a managing strategy

    • Missa Solemnis

      Meh…All investors care about is the final sales numbers at the next earnings call. Apple has had stellar sales numbers and yet the stock hasn’t really budged all that much the past few months and two quarters.
      Investors are fickle and often contradictory but it’s still a marketing ploy as much as a ‘managing strategy’

    • Blackberry is in the midst of a turnaround, so production management is a huge thing to work on.

    • Missa Solemnis

      A turnaround? Don’t make me laugh man. That ‘turnaround’ is bombing and going nowhere fast. Sales from software and services are not replacing hardware which Chen was hired to pivot away from. The cancellation of BBM Meetings is just further prove that the ‘turnaround’ is going poorly and now Chen needs to hype up his hardware to keep this going just awhile longer. Not much more staff he can cannibalize before the true nature of the finances here reveal themselves. You can’t cut yourself to profitability forever.

    • Turn around mean he stopped the billion dollars a quarter loss to now turning a profit, that is kind of the meaning or turn around, stopped loosing 1 billion to making profit. Again they are not making what apple does other others but it’s a start to pointing in the right direction.

    • Missa Solemnis

      He didn’t stop anything. The company manufactured a bunch of phones that didn’t sell and took a write down. That’s not a turnaround. It was the reversal of an arrogant management decision on Heins part to push BB10 when they knew there wasn’t any demand.

      The real turnaround is his ability to sell the product line he has. By all accounts that ISN’T going well and laying off over a thousand employees to trim costs and show a boost in cash flow is a desperate ploy to buy time.
      This company isn’t making money. It’s treading water and as far as the Good acquisition is concerned, that’s another stuck pig that was losing money and by all accounts their software sucks. Maybe Chen can turn that around and integrate it into Blackberry but probably not without eating into his own cash. I always felt it strange that he could buy a company for $425 million that was pulling in $150 million revenue??? Bizarre so I think Christy Wyatt is laughing her a*s off all the way to the bank dumping that dog.

      Reverse merging to make profits and take market share is dubious at best.

    • Vito R.

      You need to take a step back and re-read what he said.

      He said “BlackBerry is in the midst of a turnaround” in that they are trying to turn things around because they were/are doing pretty bad.

      He further said that “production management is a huge thing” – this is also correct.

      He did not say BlackBerry has turned things around or that things are currently going well in anyway.

    • Missa Solemnis

      And I’m saying that no turnaround here is happening. The company is continuing to bleed talent, money and market share. It’s also making next to no progress in growing its software and services so what turnaround is really going on here? I don’t see it and most other astute types don’t either.

    • Vito R.

      Thank you Captain Obvious.

      Once again, you’ve missing the point… No one is suggesting the turnaround is actually working – just that the company is trying to turn things around. Yes, they will not succeed in any meaningful “turn around” – agreed – but that is their goal and that’s how they’re running the company.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Jesus… It’s you who is missing the point. I’m stating that no turnaround is going on here because Chen is relying once again on hardware when he was hired in fact to pivot away from such. Additionally, his software sales are going nowhere either so what turnaround is really taking place here that the company can claim?? It’s a joke. It’s not just a matter of whether it’s working or not. Learn to read between the lines.

    • Vito R.

      No, I get what you’re trying to say – that’s why I called you Captain Obvious.

      I’m saying your comments weren’t relevant nor did they add any value to this thread since everybody knows BlackBerry is failing. Feel free to keep telling us how bad they are doing though.

    • Just one of those people that will go hahahahaha when they fail and say I told you so, i knew it, i knew it when there is only 2 sides to a coin and think they are some kind of genius for pointing out the obvious!

    • Missa Solemnis

      Yeah well there are only 2 sides to a coin and for most investors their patience and appreciation for a company merely extends the length of a coin. That’s why they’re making out like bandits and you’re replacing BB screens for a living.

    • Actually I do IT for a living thanks 🙂 this involves taking care of equipment like mobile devices! Maybe you are right maybe your wrong who knows but sure seem upset about it!

    • Missa Solemnis

      I know what you do for a living. You’ve reminded us repeatedly of that. Thanks again for the heads up.

    • NP I love my job! But if you knew that you said I replace screens for a living… I’m confused did you just burn yourself by yourself? LOL

    • Missa Solemnis

      And people who cheer this company on have nothing of value either. Don’t worry. I will keep telling you how bad it’s doing because BB stories today have absolutely no relevance or importance to technology today as we know it. It isn’t 2005 anymore.

    • Vito R.

      Thank you for your continued trolling.

      That said, who’s cheering BlackBerry??

    • Missa Solemnis

      Lol. This site is full of Rimtard fanboys. Cc’mon. Surely Ye jest

    • Those that are happy have no reason to complain, hence you on here!

    • Vito R.

      Poor supply chain management isn’t a marketing strategy. Tim Cook was (is?) a matter of just in time production. The trick is too have as much product as you can available at launch without over committing production lines after the launch madness.

      Companies are leaving money on the table by not having enough supply to meet demand – especially a company like BlackBerry that needs to sell as much as it can before word of mouth gets around that it isn’t as great as BB makes it out to be.

  • Victor Creed


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  • Columbo

    I think BB usually announces quarterly results with about a one month delay, so the Dec 18th sales could be only until Nov 18th, thus only a couple of weeks of Priv sales. Just something to bear in mind.

  • J.S.Bach

    I doubt they’ll release sales figures for the Priv, it was released too late to be included… unless sales are really good, then of course they’ll brag about it.

    • I agree

    • Syaz

      I think this is the most level comment I have ever seen you make.

    • J.S.Bach

      Thanks… those pills my psychiatrist gave me are amazing.

    • Missa Solemnis

      You’re in need of more than medication pal. (Aka HarpersMafia) Youre seriously in need of an enema

    • J.S.Bach

      Hey stupid

    • HAHA that’s because this is not actually J.S. Bach, someone made a fake account with his name and picture. This is the only way to deal with trolls! he changed his name to somethign else, and from the looks of it MS deletes all his commetns now. No wonder I have not seen him on here LOL the Troll got the Boot!!!!! THANK YOU MobileSyrup!

    • Missa Solemnis

      No. It’s juvenile to be honest taking other people’s names and MobileSyrup didn’t do anything.

    • Awe look every one its the real JS Bach!! LOL its not juvenile when some one is being a troll they deserve every thing they get. And look back at past posts on BlackBerry All gone delete delete delete.. wonder why!! BECAUSE of being a troll!!! Justice served 🙂

    • Missa Solemnis

      Who cares? Lol. Most threads last about 2 days here then fall off the front page. You looking to make a mark for posterity on a Disqus forum? Jesus Chryst. You’re hilarious sometimes.
      Trolls to you are people you can’t stand because they speak to a truth you don’t want to deal with. Bottom line. See you at the bargain bin at Staples

    • LOL have a good day JS Bach! sorry your comments are so good they get deleted!!

    • Missa Solemnis

      I’ll take a delete over having îdiocy on full display like you seem to prefer so people can look back and see what a goof you are.
      Hey. BTW. Merry Christmas to you too :-)????????

    • Let me be frank with you. You can argue all you want its your right to do so. Point out if someone is incorrect with facts, don’t just call then a rimtard because you don’t like their opinion. You cant get mad just because someone does not share your point of view. I caught you dong the same thing we do but on iOS you defend it even though there are flaws that you are okay with but we have better on our OS. Does it mean you are wrong for liking it? of course not but I will never come to a post on iPhone and bash it just because i do not like iOS. call you all criboi because if you are happy with your choice then so am I. If you say iOS has better notifications then BBM or its more productive I will step up and point out some facts. You don’t have to like those facts but they are still facts.

      You are trying to hate them so hard you are letting it blind you the same thing that you think we are doing that we like it so much that it is blinding us.

      Again i live and breath this stuff you just read forums and get friends opinions I live in the industry so most of the time consumers dont have a clue how business uses these devices.

      Again if you want to have civilized conversations i am all for knowledge sharing, I will tell you one thing I am told how far superior Android is from BB10 and now that I am on it the only thing that I see is that it has more apps and BB10 was way more polished. Again does not mean it was junk but every time i open apps they put menus in different spots, some swipe in from the top some from the bottom. Its like there is no consistency in this OS. It is so fragmented, but i like the apps and the ability to use Chrome casts so ill deal with the down falls of the OS and live with them. This doe snot mean ignore them. I’m telling you if BB10 had all the apps there would be no contest that BB10 is a by far way better user experience and more intuitive and productive.

      With that said if an iOS user went to BB10 or Android to BB10 will they hate it, well of course they will because they learned on a different OS and they will never like another OS, they will resist all the changes instead of embracing them. this is what users do, they dont like change.

      Look at Mac and PC one puts close butting in top right the other top left, who is right and who is wrong. NO ONE! its just different. but you will call us wintards for liking it on the top right.

      Just chill out man and be happy with your life. stop being so mad about everything, lets us crash and burn with BlackBerry if we want to, its our lives and we are happy with them.

    • Missa Solemnis

      Well then let me be ‘frank’ with you. I have never been a major defender of Apple or Windows out here either In point of fact, I’ve made criticisms of Apple regarding the new Apple TV and iPad Pro and the limitations of iOS so I’m perfectly capable of seeing things beyond the myopia that afflicts fanboys of Blackberry. I’m also a user of Windows 10 and while I like the version over previous releases, it also has the usual drawbacks with has been the bane of Windows for years.

      And let me come to the point more succinctly. People who arrogantly presume that only those using a Blackberry are ‘productive’ or contributing something useful to society as another poster intimated out here this weekend, is just plain arrogant and what drives my intense dislike of this company and what it pretends to be. The same goes for its defenders like you who think that these devices and the software is so much better than anything else out there when in point of fact it’s all relative. You yourself admit that but when a company sees its market share collapse from over 50% to less than 1% in just over 5 years it takes on the scale of something Biblical in this industry. To put an OS out there with no app support because Lazaridis and Heins didn’t believe in it and to see Chen perpetuate it, is just plain nuts! Look at the share price. It’s trading sideways and investors aren’t making money just like the company which is ONLY SURVIVING because it’s cut staff. That’s it. That’s all. If that sounds high handed to you I’m sorry but I’m a realist. The company is a piece of shjt as an investment and its product line, while possessing some virtue, is going nowhere and never will.

      Once again. As a shareholder you ought to be deeply concerned about all this but you are blissfully ignorant of it and that’s your prerogative.

    • Stock prices, work force, Chen, Thorsten, cry cry cry, all you do is crank man, get over it! Repeat some old junk! Only way you can make a point ‘but but investors are not making money’ , ‘but but Chen sucks’ , ‘but but if I do some thing in 5 min it’s just as productive as you in 1 min’

      Haha night hater! There is something wrong with you man! All you do is cri bloody murder of a company you don’t even care about’ criboi

    • Missa Solemnis

      Yeah. Because I want to see this company put out of its misery and the people I know who still own shares here try and get something back after the losses they suffered. I’d like to see a buyout to be honest.

      If that’s “crying” to you then I’m sorry but there is more going on here than how great you think the phones and OS are, especially when none of the shît sells. There is something wrong with you if you believe this is how a business can succeed or carry on.

    • Oh no guys BlackBerry is dead!!! AHHHHHHH, RUN FOR THE HILLS!

    • Missa Solemnis

      People like you don’t understand the first thing about business. You may have a grasp of tech and how IT works but as far as publicly traded companies on the capital markets you haven’t the first clue and it shows.

      Wonder what you’re gonna say when Chen resigns and admits he couldn’t cut it or the company files for chapter 11.

    • Oh no guys BlackBerry Stock prices!!!!

    • Missa Solemnis

      Yeah, it’s down another $.16 USD today which means it’s probably going back under $10 CDN. But hey! That’s okay with people like you living in your fantasy land and lapping up Chen’s happy horseshit about how great things are here. lol

      For a guy that is so ‘productive’ you seem quite quick on the draw responding to Disqus messages. My guess is that you’ve set your Blackberry chimes to give this one of the highest priorities. I truly have this mental picture of you pounding away on your little keyboard with your cross eyes and tongue hanging out of your mouth so you can right all the wrongs said about this piece of shjt company. 😉

    • Oh no guys personal attack!!!

      Staples Bin, Rimtards, stock prices, CEO/company insult, personal insult! go back to beginning and start again.


    • here come s the reply, wonder which one he will chose now!

    • Missa Solemnis

      Yup. Thanks for confirming what you are. Clears the air about a lot of things.
      Enjoy the rest of your day Mr. IT Guy. lmao

    • Personal Insult, ah craps, I put all my money on Staples Bargain Bin!

    • Missa Solemnis

      At least the bargain bin occasionally has a quality item at a good price. More than can be said about this company. 😉
      Now, get back to work before they can your a*s.

    • Company Insult. and personal insult, combo!

  • Stephie

    What I saw was three or four sold, and all but one of those coming back. Little disappointing, as I thought it looked and felt like a last desperate attempt at relevance, and for the most part it achieved it. But the consumer isn’t on board.

    • Missa Solemnis

      What do you expect of crap devices? No objective review of this thing was really all that keen on it

  • bigshynepo

    Just Priv? 300-400K

    • I don’t think they will release Priv only numbers unless it is really good. If not good they will just lump it in with the rest as say it did good

  • Keith Thompson

    I think everyone needs to remember that the phone is not even fully release yet.

  • IqaluitZen Zen

    More than 500,000

    • dannyR

      And under 1,000,000 Priv and (forthcoming…maybe) Venice together.

    • Missa Solemnis

      You’re a goof. You’ve been making asinine predictions like this for over a year on every forum about this company. Lol. Take your nonsense back to Stockhouse where the suckers lap it up

  • dannyR

    Much has been argued along the lines of ‘… many great reviews…’, but George Kasarios has come to the same conclusion after an extensive meta-review of reviews:

    “Before I continue, one thing that strikes me is that the more in-depth a review was (meaning several pages), the less the Priv scored. In many cases where the review was not in depth (a single-page review or a two-minute video on YouTube for example), the Priv scored better in the eyes of the reviewer.” –Seeking Alpha


    This is consonant with what I found: the more upscale the review, the more dammning with faint praise. This is problematic for sales. People discerning enough to shell out premium prices for a keyboarded Android are going to pay attention to such reviews, and they are going to eye suspiciously the phenomenon of sold-out status if a company has a history of intentional under-stocking.

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  • Kristian Müller

    Looks like they’re still sold out. There is no official delivery in Germanys partner retailers (MediaSaturn/Metro Group and Amazon). So my guess would be 100k devices as a first production run and sold out in week 1.

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  • empire514

    At least a million! Its the hottest action packed phone ever!

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