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Google Play Store launches best of 2015 app lists

Google Play Store Best of 2015

Google today launched a special best of 2015 app page, highlighting games and apps like PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, Fallout Shelter, Colorfy, Robinhood, as well as albums like Adele’s 25 and Drake’s If You’re Reading This Its Too Late. Films such as Big Hero 6 and John Wick, as well as books like 1984 and Grey like are also included in Google’s 2015 list.

This year’s list amounts to a total of 50 games that feature four star or higher ratings. Most games on the list also seem to be  free-to-play, although there are a few exceptions like Minecraft: Story Mode and Lifeline. Streaming services Twitch and Netflix also make an appearance. Apps that customize Android – SwiftKey, Action Launcher and Nova Launcher – are included in the list, too. Fun utility apps such as Backgrounds HD and Star Wars likewise make the cut.

The list’s top albums, movies, TV and books all have approximately 100 picks in them and are by far the most expansive categories in Google’s 2015 app collection

While Google has created these lists in years past, in order to place an emphasis on the Google Play Store’s shift to more than just apps, other forms of entertainment have been given their own best of categories.