Android 6.0 Marshmallow is now unofficially available on the Nexus 4


  • ChrisPollard77

    I think I’ll wait for a stable build for the N4 while I weight my options and see just how long the old girl will keep ticking. It’s pretty sweet with Lollipop anyway. If that’s where it ends, so be it. But I’m sure OMNI ROM will get a build out there soon enough. Been running their nightlies for a long time now. Ain’t broke … not fixing. 🙂

  • GPman

    Dang. No surprise. But I justed wanted it to change permissions individuallly.

  • blzd

    Good news for those still using Nexus 4, and for any other Nexus devices potentially getting this kind of support past their official dates as well.

  • Detroit Lions fan

    I moved to Nexus 6 Cause I want Official builds I am happy people who stay with the nexus 4

  • Brad Fortin

    It’s too bad it’s not getting official support any more. It’s still a very capable device.