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Pebble update adds new ‘Quiet Time’ and standby features to the smartwatch

On the heals of the release of its premium-focused Pebble Time Steel, the company has pushed out a new update that adds two useful and often-requested features to its line of smartwatches.

The new Quiet Time mode ensures the wearer isn’t notified during important meetings, or other events where a constantly vibrating wrist could become bothersome. The feature can be toggled on and off manually, set to launch at a specific time every day, or even synced to specific dates in a user’s calendar.

Pebble’s new standby mode automatically switches off the device’s Bluetooth feature when the Pebble remains stationary for 30 minutes or more. For example, if you take off your Pebble while at work and set it on your desk, or if you remove the device when you’re at home, it won’t be constantly vibrating with notifications but will still remain on.

The company says standby uses 50 percent less power, and that the device will automatically turn Bluetooth back on when it senses movement.

Standby mode is currently in beta, but is still included in the Pebble’s latest software update.