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Periscope for iOS updated with ability to explore live broadcasts on an interactive map

Twitter launched Periscope first on iPhone and, more recently, on Android. The live streaming app has been downloaded over a million times on iPhone, and according to Google Play it’s seen downloads between 500,000 to one million.

Periscope for iPhone has been updated with a new feature that that might boost its already-high engagement. Apart from being localized in 29 languages, the app now offers a map view that allows users to search the world for various live broadcasts, rather than in a continuous list. Replays are also now instant, and it is now possible to share what you’re watching on Twitter.

While there are millions of users, the more interesting number is how many people actually broadcast live events and for how long. Periscope noted on Medium, “We could never have predicted the volume of broadcasts happening across the world.”

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