Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge now available in Canada


  • Colin Yuhas


  • It’s Me

    Don’t care.

    ..wait, what?

    • iPwn8599

      cared enough to atleast read and click the link, skim the article, scroll down and post a comment

      just saying

    • It’s Me

      I know. Kind of sad that I would go out of my way to post that I don’t care. Pathetic honestly.

      Of course, I did so to make a point…

    • iPwn8599

      now you know how it feels to be an apple hater

    • It’s Me

      Not yet. That was the point of my comment. To put myself into their shoes and try to understand the neurosis.

      I think I need to move into my parents basement to get a better idea 😉

    • iPwn8599

      one step at a time

    • Ulysses Grant

      LOL..let me know if you need help moving stuff down.

    • Digigirl

      The point being you actually do care to some degree even if won’t admit it to yourself…

    • It’s Me

      More than you could imagine.

  • roy


  • xcvdfghdhcdhd

    I guess all the stock went to corporate stores, we have ZERO in stock other than pre orders.

    • xcvdfghdhcdhd

      and its funny that we were already told before launch that ALL S6/S6 edge were already on back order lol. samsung launches are starting to be like apple launches…

    • Mike Scott

      Lots of stock left here at my store :p send them over!

  • Jonathan Leduc

    Thank you Ian, for coming up with an article that is not about the Apple Watch.

    • Seriously, we’re *all* getting tired of Apple Watch articles.

    • Ulysses Grant

      Brad, i know for sure that YOU will never grow tired of Apple Watch articles 😛

    • brent

      He’ll probably make his GF wear an apple watch to get him a bit more fired up in the sack..

    • Ulysses Grant

      LOL.. no doubt. He is willing to die for the fruit company. Let’s defend the fruit till the end of the time!

    • Yeah… nobody likes Apple *that* much. If you honestly think that, and you’re not kidding, you might need some help.

    • Ulysses Grant

      Brad, no point to argue with you. Based on all the past comments you made in Disqus, you are a huge Apple fan.

      and I never said anything about Apple but I said something about your love for Apple. You probably need some help…. You are becoming as blind as the sheep.

    • BF.

    • I’ve been tired of them since before the product was announced. What’s it been, 2 years since they started running rumour articles? Maybe longer.

    • fmradio68

      Though I don’t like Apple I do read articles on them as I do for other companies. Don’t like Samsung still read articles to see if there’s new info or people’s opinions.
      But this week was brutal.IMHO lots of useless iwatch articles. Totally ad nauseum.
      But I fear Mobilesyrup may have another article on Saturday to end the

  • verge

    more junk from shamesung. why buy this when you can buy a design of the year, and super spec’d out BB Q5. LOLOLOL

    • Jonathan Leduc

      Hey! Don’t go to far from your real message.. Everyone knows The Verge only talks about the iPhone!

  • Goodbye Galaxy

    Went to the Virgin Mobile kiosk at the mall – was expecting it to be busy but there was no one else there. They had a few regular S6s but zero edges, and they weren’t sure when they’d get any.

    • Same boat here. Not much interest, but also not much stock.

    • Ulysses Grant

      Virgin Mobile kiosk is never busy in the first place!

  • LeTricolore

    Waiting to hear back about my pre-order…25th in line. It’s still showing as “IN PROGRESS”

    Hoping to get it this weekend.

    • Doug M

      At least yours is “in progress”. Mine just says “open”.

    • Dimitri

      Yours won’t ship out until hopefully tonight or Monday.

    • LeTricolore

      Yeah, I don’t expect to get it this weekend (and I couldn’t pick it up today even if it was available), but I was just hoping to play around with it on a lazy Sunday.

  • acharlie

    Oof, only two colors to start. =( I need that Emerald Green, tho!

  • Gohy

    still no mention of the S6 on the Fido website (except the pre-order page).

    • LeTricolore

      I passed by a store on my way to work today and I saw it in a store.

  • Tried S6 edge in BestBuy, really not a fan of the edge screen, it’s useless and uncomfortable to hold in hand.

    • Same here, I found the edge almost sharp! Like it would cut into fingers. I supposed it something you get used to.

      More importantly I still find the edge too much of a gimmick. And since it’s not standard I don’t expect it to be used by any of the apps I use (and I avoid Samsung’s lame apps so the edges would be pretty much useless).

    • Jesse

      Yeah when I was in the states I checked it out because to be honest I think its a really sexy phone. But damn I didn’t like how the edges felt like they’re cutting into your hand…

    • Mike

      Really? How tight were you holding he darn thing.

      You can hold he lightly you know, we got video of the edge withstanding far more abuse in drop tests than an iPhone 6

    • Jesse

      Not tightly at all. Even the reviews say the same thing and about the long term ergonomics.. I’d much rather prefer the regular S6. Google
      Play edition would be nice..

      I’m confused as why you would bring up the drop test with the iPhone 6?

    • Mike

      Did you miss the part about how I said you can hold it lightly.

      Meaning if it falls, it won’t break. The recent drop tests were of it and and iPhone. It’s to put it into perspective as many assume it’s fragile.

      It’s called sarcasm buddy! lol

    • Jesse

      Still doesn’t explain why you would compare it to an iPhone….

    • Mike

      Wow, you’re totally not catching on. lol

    • van_N

      I actually just got my S6 Edge today. I didn’t find it sharp enough so I took it to my grinder and now it’s really sharp. Now I have a personal protection device… ;-D

  • Creaulx

    Am I the only one left cold by this iPhone clone? Samsung has absolutely thrown in the towel with this design. Less battery life, no waterproofing, no SD card slot, sealed battery, glass back. The Apple didn’t fall far enough from the tree for me, at least.

  • Just picked one up from the Best Buy/Future Shop at Yonge and Eglinton. After buying into the hype from reading articles and watching videos, praising how great the device is, I just have a feeling of “meh” when using the phone.

    I’m currently rocking the Note 4, which is probably the reason for the “meh.” It feels great in the hand but at the same time I feel like I’m carrying one of the most fragile things I’ve ever handled. The software is speedy as hell and they definitely trimmed down Touchwiz’s unnecessary bloat but… “Touchwiz.” Meaning, there is still a water-like sound when unlocking. There’s still a swoosh when locking…

    But to truly test the phone and put it through its paces, I’d need to consume data and texts etc, which will screw up the return policy. Well…

    I’m probably going to return it.

    • thomas nguyen

      most of that you can turn off. as well, google now launcher (what im using on the edge 6) gives me the best of both world, the android stock look with some functionality from touch wiz.
      using it for about 2 days now. I can safely say, I have swapped back to android from the iphone 6.

    • Fair enough and I’m well aware of those options. I’m running nova right now on the note 4. But there just isn’t enough there to sway me away from the note 4.

      IPhone 6 to an s6 on the other hand is a different story. I’d understand that switch.

    • thomas nguyen

      yea, widgets, and quick access to application data without having to go into the application is really what i came back to, finally a phone with iphone camera and android heart. history – had a nexus 5 prior to iphon3 6…. great but terrible camera! 😀

    • Mike

      sheesh I’m swapping from an iPhone 4S…lol it’s gonna feel like I’m firing up the flux capacitor and going into the future.

    • BB BB

      I’m sticking to my note 4

    • Ditto.

  • iPwn8599

    i think i already know the answer – but anybody know where I can buy this device outside of a Bell store?

    • RoboBonobo

      I don’t really know but Best Buy and The Source probably have them too if you want to sign a contract. You could call them and see for yourself.

    • iPwn8599

      im talking outright

    • RoboBonobo

      Yeah I think Bell is the only place.

  • Orang Yousefian

    Sprint is giving it for free but we have to pay 350 here in canada how awesome is life in canada ( beside the weather )!!

    • krazyking

      It’s even more awesome living in Montreal. We have some amazing roads and infrastructure that rivals Detroit. Plus our provincial government is among the most fair and knowledgeable in the country. Canada is truly amazing!

    • Mike

      lol thank you for this ^^^^

    • Orang Yousefian

      Lol . Go canada go !

  • dernbiebs

    I swear I played with both of these at a Bell store over 3 weeks ago. Are they really just coming out now? Did Bell have floor models a month before they started selling them?

  • Cowpocalypse_Now

    Good, that will lower prices for S5’s on Ebay.

  • AlbertaRob

    Waiting for the Active – Hoping it will be what we expected the S6 to be. My M8 isn’t all that bad (battery is the best I’ve ever experienced), so it’s going to take the right product to replace it. I SO want that be a Samsung – but it isn’t yet.

  • Eric M.

    Is it me or the background of the GS6 moves as you tilt the phone??

    • F Young

      Yes, it moves on certain pages of TouchWiz for the S6.

  • Kevin Soares

    Got my Black Sapphire 32GB Regular S6 from Telus yesterday! Fantastic phone, coming from the Nexus 6 Samsung did really well!

  • Jonah Emery

    Played with an S6 Edge in Telus. Its very unique and screams quality. Didn’t really like the regular S6 though, thought it was boring. I will stick to my Galaxy Note.

  • johentie

    No its not…. Of u ordered the gold one..

  • BB BB

    Fastest phone out there period

  • specialk2000

    Prices actually start at $99! At WIND!

  • Techguru86

    Nice looking phone, very light, screen looks great and the camera is fantastic but I prefer a battery that will last 2 full days on heavy usage like the Note4, Passport and other devices, and the curved display is only exclusive til the BBRY Torch comes out as it’s already been revealed to have the same design.