Nintendo announces plans to develop games for mobile


  • Jordan Ross

    Click. Bait.

    • They’ve got the official press release, and the title of the article is accurate. What makes you think that’s “click bait”?

  • birdman_36

    It only took them five years, but they’re finally on board with mobile!

  • LeTricolore

    Hoping for a good Mario 2D sidescroller for my phone.

    • thomas nguyen

      port the original super mario world 😀

  • I wonder if they are to late yet?

  • Laer

    From my understanding DeNA is almost entirely a FTP/PTW publisher. This would be disatorous if all of this Nintendo content starts getting pushed to these gaming models.

    And yes, I absolutely refuse to play any game that uses these mechanic breaking structures to leverage more cash out of the player for virtual currency/items.

  • BriniaSona

    IOS and Android only right?. Stupid duopoly.

    • thomas nguyen

      IOS and Android eclipses blackberry and windows phone. why would they even look at investing into the windows / blackberry market. considering most people with a blackberry dont even play games on their devices.

    • BriniaSona

      I’d like an option other than Stupid Proof iOS and buggy battery sucking android. But without dev and app support, other platforms are dead no matter how great they are.

    • John W

      I am curious what OS you are using?

    • BriniaSona

      Windows 10/8.1 PC, Android Jellybean (Asus isn’t supporting the memopad anymore) and BlackBerry 10

    • thomas nguyen

      yup, totally agree with you. I wish we had more options, but at the moment, it’s a two horse race.

    • thomas nguyen

      note, the newer iteration of android seems to be much better at managing it’s usage, both running apps and background apps

  • himmaway

    bring mario kart to BB10!!!!!!!!!

  • iPlunks

    People, how good do you think touch screen console video games? Have you played ALL games on a smartphone?
    Nintendo and the company they are using will focus on hardware if I’m not mistaken.
    Nintendo is making their IP properties and creating a new platform to fit the touch input gesture

  • iPlunks

    Also, having it on at LEAST windows phone would make sense (BB10 keyboards would be a work around outside the Z10/30)
    Like how Sony/MS get 3rd party support over Nintendo currently. But why would Nintendo help MS out really.
    This 2 legged race (iOS/Android) is foolishness. Anyone who thinks otherwise, please look at The PS4/XBone. These boxes move 20mill and 10+ mill respectively but all people say is get a PC and a Wii U as the games that are out have fell WAYYYY short of that from the PS2/3 and Xbox/360/ days.
    More out there only means that somewhere their will be a product that is just right for you