Here are the Canadian developers creating Apple Watch apps



    They support this gimmick but not BlackBerry.

    • meinimen

      lmfao. Apple will always get support – according to anthonyroberts and friends the BB using android is GREAT and flawless – so why develop for BB? Use android fandroid apps while others use NATIVE apps built for their phones and optimized.


    • barrist

      yeah why don’t devs want a piece of that sweet less than 1% of marketshare?? its crazy

    • meinimen

      lmao. 0.4% to be exact.

    • Splendid

      Yes, it’s such a stretch to understand why they’d support the worlds biggest company. Are you really that r3t4rd3d?

    • KiwiBri

      lol. I see what you did there 😉


      Developers screwing themselves. No space to put ads on watches, so you killing your own revenue stream while Blackberry pays highest CPC

  • Quantos

    Bank information? OK, so I assume most people, like me, have a pretty long password when logging into their bank accounts. That’s if they don’t have more than one auth system. Knowing this, who will really enter their bank account password of all things on a smartwatch? Sure you could probably login using a smartphone, then display the data on a smartwatch… but what’s the point? You’ve already logged into your smartphone.