PhotoMath equation solving app arrives on Android

In October of last year, MicroBlink released an app called PhotoMath, a “study aid” for helping students with their math homework. Unfortunately, the app was only available for iOS and Windows Phone users at launch.

Now, four months after it debuted, the application is available for Android users, too. The Android version has all the same features as its iOS and Windows Phone counterparts. PhotoMath launches the phone’s camera and captures a photo of an equation on the page in front of you. It then returns a solution along with each step it took along the way to get to the final answer. Pretty neat, right?

The app is free and aimed at both students that need help completing problems and parents checking their children’s homework. Realistically, though, there are probably students out there using this to do their homework and skip out on the learning completely.

It supports basic arithmetic as well as fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and more. Additional support for new problems is promised in future updates.

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