Google’s new health cards start showing up in mobile search

The cards in Google Now show us all kinds of relevant information based on our day-to-day searches. Earlier this month, Google promised a new genre of cards based on our health queries. Google says one in 20 searches are related to health and committed to bringing us relevant health information via Google Now.

These Google Health cards just started showing up this week and offer up a wealth of information on specific ailments when you ask Google “What is [illness]?” You’ll get the usual search results along with a card that shows an illustration of the disease from a medical professional (thankfully Google isn’t pulling in photos from its own image database) as well as common symptoms and treatments.

Google says it worked with a team of doctors to compile the information so all of these cards represent real-life clinical knowledge. However (of course, there’s a ‘however’), Google is also careful to note that these cards are for “informational purposes only.” In other words, if you feel sick, you should really be seeing a doctor, not Googling your symptoms.

Google says the initial roll-out is U.S.-only. We’ll keep you posted on further roll-outs.