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Pebble teases February 24th announcement with countdown timer

With Mobile World Congress just over a fortnight away, we’re expecting to see a lot of new hardware in the next month or so. We already know Samsung, HTC and Microsoft will have something to show us, but we hadn’t really expected anything from Pebble.

This morning, the (smart) watchmaker threw its name on the list of companies teasing big announcements for this month. Unlike the Samsungs and HTCs of the world, it seems Pebble is eager to beat the noise with an early announcement set for next week. The Pebble homepage is currently displaying a countdown timer with roughly five days on the clock. It expires at 10am EST on Tuesday, February 24th.

There’s nothing on the page to suggest we’ll see a new Pebble device next week, but it’s been more than a year since the company announced the Pebble Steel and the regular Pebble started shipping in January of 2013 after about eight months of development. The company has managed to shift one million units with just these two models, but the design is starting to look a bit clunky compared to competing smartwatches.


Pebble’s Twitter feed is gleefully retweeting guesses from users about Tuesday’s announcement but hasn’t given anything away. The company did mention this month that it would be putting out new hardware this year.

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