Alcatel’s new Pixi smartphone line runs Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS

alcatel onetouch pixi

Alcatel OneTouch announced a new line of Pixi smartphones today that run either Windows Phone, Android or Firefox OS.

The company’s new Pixi 3 device series, which comes in four sizes — 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″ and 5″ — will have versions running three operating systems to ensure synergy with the devices customers use at home. The idea is to create a single hardware SKU that is flexible enough to load one of three operating systems, but Alcatel wants to clarify that it won’t be possible to purchase a single smartphone that runs all three; users must choose their favourite operating system prior to purchase.

The three larger devices will connect to LTE networks and sport more high-end specs (though the specifics haven’t been revealed), while the 3.5-inch version will run 3G.

Alcatel is likely bringing back the Palm brand to use in its smartphones, but the Pixi line, which was announced earlier this year, has no specific affiliation despite using the same name as an older webOS device. Alcatel wants the Pixi series to be “affordable” and “flexible,” appealing to users who “do not want complicated systems.”

More about the series will be revealed at CES next week.

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